Guest Speaker Programme Class XII Biology Students

Dr. Perumal Jayaraj, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Sri Venkateswara College Biology conducted the Virtual Session  for class XII Biology students on the chapter “ Human Reproduction” on 19th August 2020.The session started with a welcome note delivered by Ms Niva Chhonkar, Headmistress and  Head of Biology Department. 

 Dr. Jayaraj covered all the important topics of the chapter like oogenesis, embryonic ducts, ploidy content at various stages and its significance and also addressed the students on the common errors made by them in the examination.It was  an interesting and impactful session for the students which will  help them to score better in the board examination and to comprehend beyond N.C.E.R.T as well.

Dr. Perumal Jayaraj ensured  that the  students were constantly interacting with him, which further helped them to clarify all their doubts.Slides on the topic were well presented and meaningful.

Students thoroughly enjoyed this session and overall it was a fruitful and enriching session for them.It ended with a vote of thanks and the session was organised by Ms Kajal Sethi of Biology Department.

Virtual Guest Speaker Program- Class VI

A Guest Speaker Programme was organised on 14th August 2020 for the students of Class VI. The guest speaker, Dr.Amit Kaur Puri, Project Manager CSR at Apeejay Stya University, spoke on the topic ‘Growing your Microgreens’. She conducted an interactive and live session demonstrating how to use various seeds to grow small edible plants in an easy and simple way by using materials available at home. Students were acquainted with composting as an effective method of solid waste management to include the idea of 3RC: reduce, reuse, recycle and compost using kitchen wastes. Seeds of Jamun, litchi, black eyed beans (lobia) were sown using the method of mixed cropping. The session was followed by an interaction with students where their queries were answered. The concept of growing plants at home without using any pesticides was found to be very useful by the students. The program ended with a vote of thanks proposed by the Headmistress, Ms.Niva Chhonkar, who expressed her appreciation for the interesting session conducted by the speaker and reiterated that students must perform these activities under the supervision of parents.The programme was coordinated by Ms. Shruti Gupta.

Guest Speaker Programme For Class VIII

Dr. Vartika Mathur, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Sri Venkateswara College conducted this session. She covered various topics during the course of the session like Indirect signs of animal presence and how signs help to identify what animals eat,where animals go,habitats animals use and the space animals need.It was interesting to know how pugmarks of left or right, forelimb/hindlimb can help in determining whether the animal is male  or female

Dr Vartika ensured that all the students were involved and were constantly interacting with her.The session was very informative and interesting.The students thoroughly enjoyed it and gained a lot of knowledge about wildlife conservation through her experience and expertise.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the Headmistress Ms. Niva Chhonkar and the programme was organised by Ms. Dimple Menon of the Biology Deptt.

Guest Speaker Programme

The Geography Department organised a Guest Speaker Programme on 10 June 2020. Prof.Sucharita Sen enlightened the audience with her vast knowledge of agriculture and gave great inputs on the understanding of land resource management. She cleared the doubts of Class XII students on reduction on gender employment, land use pattern, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and percolation of toxic nitrates etc. She spoke at length about subsidies and effects of globalization, farmers committing suicides, market prices and also gene revolution. Her Research experiences of fieldwork gave in-depth knowledge of ground-level realities to the students and the teaching faculty. It was an enriching experience.

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”- Roger Bacon


A guest speaker programme was organised for the students of class XI on June 11, 2020, by the English Department, Delhi Public School,  RK Puram. The session was presided by Ms Tarannum Naseem Raza. 

Ms Raza is associated with the T.I.M.E. in the capacity of a career counsellor, for more than thirteen years. Her command over the English language makes her a dynamic mentor. The session started with some new ideas about word formation like marsupial words, portmanteau words, joey words. These were some new techniques which enlightened our students and gave them an idea to understand and identify the root form of the new words.

Gradually the session moved towards the next segment wherein she gave us some tips on ‘how to improve our vocabulary’ while adhering to the R-P-S approach i.e. Root word- Prefix- Suffix. Various references from novels, mythologies etc. were used to make the students identify the words and the students responded with enough enthusiasm, making the session very interactive. The last segment was about the technique ‘Mnemonic’, through this technique they were made to understand how to grasp the meanings of new words.

This wonderful interactive session came to an end with students interacting with her about words which are commonly confused.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Atika Dayal, Head of the English Department. Everyone present in this virtual platform expressed their gratitude for a fruitful session.

Career Counselling Session for Class X students

Sections A- G : 22 May,2020(5:00pm-6:00pm) 
Sections H- O: 23May,2020(12:00pm-1:00pm)

Career decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the future growth and development of students. Keeping this in mind, virtual career counselling sessions were organised by D.P.S R. K. Puram for the students of Class X on 22.05.2020 and 23.05.2020. The purpose of this session was to guide them about how to plan Class X and utilize their maximum potential in current times. 

The session began with the Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan addressing the audience. Later the Headmistress, Ms Rashmi Malhotra addressing emphasized on the need to have a balanced approach and the right combination of one’s skills with one’s interest in choosing one’s career. The session was conducted by Mr Jitin Chawla, an MBA from FMS, New Delhi. He is the founder of the Centre for Career Development and has been counselling students for over 18 years. 

The session involved discussions on what skills could be developed and how students could use this time to build their educational profile. Mr Chawla shared different ways in which social media can be used more effectively and efficiently to learn and highlighted the importance of regulating the time spent on social media carefully. This was further extended to a discussion and sharing of ideas with the students on various courses and online applications available to add to one’s repertoire of qualifications.

He also discussed career in Sciences, especially with Biology branches of medicine that a student can explore including Dentistry, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda. He further shaped the session into talking about various fields of engineering emphasizing on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to be the most flourishing areas of study in the near future. Diverse Career options in Commerce and humanities fields such as Law, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Travel and Tourism, Digital Marketing, Management, CS, CA were also discussed along with the subjects that would help in establishing in these areas. 

Mr. Chawla addressed the current situation of global pandemic Covid-19 and encouraged students to explore new careers that would be open post pandemic. These careers revolved around natural sciences such as Computational Biology, Hydrology, Epidemiology, Medical Scientists, etc. The session concluded with an interactive question & answer round which was moderated by the school counsellor, Ms Kanika. 

The session experienced active involvement of students with 95.8 % participation on 22-05-20 and 83.6 % participation on 23-05-20. 

Career Counselling Session for Parents of Class X students

22May,2020 for sections H-O(6:00pm-7:00pm)
23 May,2020 for Sections A-G(1:00pm-2:00pm)

A Virtual counselling session was organized by DPS R.K.Puram for parents of class X students on 22.05.2020 & 23.05.2020 to explore the various career options for students in all the three streams Science, Commerce and Humanities. 

The Principal, Ms.Padma Srinivasan addressed the parents and encouraged them to facilitate the students to identify their interests and skills in order to choose their career.The Headmistress ,Ms Rashmi Malhotra welcomed all parents to the online session. 

The speaker for the session was  Mr. Saurabh Nanda from Pratham. He is an Engineer with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. He  has passionately devoted his time to education and counselling for the last 8-9 years after a stint in the corporate world.

Mr Nanda shared his extensive knowledge of various career options, opportunities and challenges that come with each combination of subjects. He also explained very diligently the importance of Class X in career planning. The entire session was not only  informative, but also opened up various avenues for the students to explore in order to plan their career.

The session was wrapped up with an interactive Question & Answer round which witnessed a lot of enthusiastic response from the parents .

‘Roots To Fruits’ (Root Words & Visual Vocab)

 Loving your language means a command of its vocabulary beyond the level of the everyday”    

                                                                                                              John McWhorter

The English Department of Delhi Public School R.K.Puram under the guidance of Dr.Atika Dayal, Head of the Department organised a guest speaker programme for the students of class XII on 4 June 2020. The Guest speaker was Ms.Tarannum Naseem Raza.


Ms.Tarannum Naseem Raza is a professional career counsellor. She is an engineer

( Electronics & Telecommunications) and holds an MBA degree as well. Her logical ability and excellent command over the English language,coupled with her vast experience of more than twenty years makes her a dynamic mentor. In her association with T.I.M.E for more than thirteen years she has mentored thousands of students and guided them to achieve their goals. She has a vast knowledge of various courses and the dynamic job scenario.


Her approach towards the subject made the session very interesting. Students learnt about techniques of learning and retaining new words by following the rule of association.The programme was very interactive as she clubbed it with a brainstorming session that gave an opportunity to the students to participate. Ms.Tarannum spoke about different types of words like marsupial words, joey and portmanteau words. 

She enlightened the students about ways to improve the vocabulary keeping in mind the R-P-S approach (Root word- Prefix – suffix). She amalgamated pictorial references from famous movies, mythologies and novels to drop hints and stimulate responses. 

She applied an innovative technique by introducing the concept of “Mnemonic”  so that students could grasp the meaning of new words. The session culminated with interesting questions related to commonly confused words and a discussion on words taken from another language. The students found the session very engaging and inspiring as it brought in a surge to discover more about language and words. The facilitator addressed their queries related to entrance exam pattern, vocabulary section and other language-related skills.

 The vote of thanks was proposed by DR. Atika Dayal. The staff members and students expressed their gratitude towards the facilitator for an informative and fruitful session.

Guest Speaker Programme

The economics department organised a virtual guest speaker programme on the topic “Impact of Covid 19 on indian economy.” on 2nd June 2020 for the students of Class 12. The guest speaker, Dr Sharad Kohli, an Economist, is a multifaceted person who has been bestowed with the titles “ startup Guru”, “Tax Guru”, “Finance Guru” by both print and electronic media. The session began with a welcome address by Our Vice Principal, Dr Renu Nayar. Dr. Sharad Kohli talked about the unprecedented times that we are living in.He started the programme by highlighting the global perspective of the  world economy and the shares of various countries contributing to the world income. He enlightened the students about the geopolitical situation and economic profile of the changing world. He expressed his concern for millions of inter state migrant workers and hoped that all government measures work in favour of the needy. His professionalism yet personal approach kept the viewers engaged throughout the session. According to him, covid 19 might leave permanent scars on the economy. He also persuaded the students to step out after the covid 19 and shape their careers according to the new requirements. He concluded on a positive note by calling our generation lucky and expressing his cautious optimism in India, hopefully becoming an economic superpower in the coming future. Then the floor was open for students to ask questions which were answered by him in a way that left no doubt in one’s mind. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Anita Singhal, HoD, Department of Economics. The session was attended by about 150 students of Economics and was indeed informative and enriching.

Guest Speaker Programme

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional”

The Economics Department of Delhi Public School RK Puram conducted an online guest speaker programme for the Economics students of Class XI and XII on 3 June 2020.Mr. Abhimanyu J. Rajpurohit,the keynote speaker, a law graduate from NLU discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy.

The session started with a warm welcome by the Vice Principal, Dr. Renu Nayar, who spoke about the importance of such events. Mr. Rajpurohit began with a brief discussion of the pandemic and then went on to elucidate the various economic fallouts it has had on the global as well the Indian economy. He explained the incidents of negative oil prices, impact on sports and hospitality, job losses etc. in a manner which engrossed the audience. 

This was followed by an enriching question and answer  session .The speaker answered queries and concerns on issues ranging from industrial revival and employment to self-reliance and law.

Last but not the least, Ms. Anita Singhal, the Head of Economics Department, proposed the vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the entire school fraternity. The guest speaker left with his appreciation of the students’ participation. The event proved to be informative and fruitful for everyone.

Sharing the Best Practices in Virtual Teaching

A virtual platform was created  between May 20 – May 28,2020 where the teachers of DPS Vasant Vihar and DPS East of Kailash conducted sessions and showcased the manner in which they conducted online classes and taught their students during these challenging times. These sessions were held simultaneously by the faculty of both schools, for all subjects, as per the schedule below. Subject teachers of the respective subjects, of all three branches of DPS RK Puram attended the sessions.

The Headmistress VI-VIII, Ms. Niva Chhonkar welcomed the visiting faculty on all the days. The respective Headmistresses, Ms. Archana Pental of DPS Vasant Vihar and Ms. Usha Diptivilasa of DPS East of Kailash introduced their team of teachers  before each session. 

All sessions proved to be insightful. The Science teachers showed interesting videos, conducted interactive quizzes and most importantly, demonstrated how to use the material and equipment easily available at home to carry out scientific experiments and make classes more interesting for the students.

 English teachers enacted stories to make them more engrossing and captivating for the young learners. They also demonstrated how  role play could be used as an effective teaching methodology.

Hindi teachers used interesting methodologies for effective learning by the students.  They used the process of making lemonade to explain adjectives, explained nouns with the help of a song and also conducted activities like ‘spin a tale’, word games and the like. 

Teachers of foreign languages like German, Spanish and French, showcased their insightful and informative presentations depicting the different cultures. These  sessions were very interactive, from alphabets to greetings, from songs to monuments, from listening activities to spinning of the table game, it incorporated all.

The Heads of Departments/ Headmistress VI-VIII / Coordinators extended their gratitude to the teachers of DPS VV and DPS EOK for taking out their valuable time to present their labour of love.



Session conducted by:

Time: 6:00 pm -7:00 pm

Wednesday 20.05.2020





Thursday  21.05.2020





Friday  22.05.2020

Social Science




Time: 10:00 am -11:00 am

Tuesday 26.05.2020




  Foreign language

DPS VV  (German)

DPS EOK & VV  (Spanish)

DPS EOK  (French)

Wednesday 27.05.2020









Thursday  28.05.2020

Social science


Guest Speaker Programme- Accountancy Department

The Accountancy Department of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized a Guest Speaker Programme on 1st June 2020 for students of Class XII on the topic ‘Careers after Lockdown’. The Guest Speaker – Mr. Anubhav Rakheja, a motivational speaker and a career guidance expert was invited to interact with the students. He is known for his 500+ impactful sessions. In the discussion with the students, Mr. Rakheja emphasized on the impact of the lockdown on the economy and careers like Digital marketing, data analysis and cybersecurity which are likely to be in high demand in future. 

His vivacious and zealous personality, girdled with his knowledge left the audience spellbound.