National Youth Icon Award 2020

Malank Goel, a student of Class XI, DPS RK Puram, is the recipient of the prestigious National Youth Icon Award 2020. The National Youth Icon Award is the premiere and the highest youth award in India for excellence in development work aimed to raise the profile of young people and highlight the contribution they are making towards developing a fairer, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future for the nation. He has developed a project SOLAKE : An Econometric Model for Sustainable Revival of Lakes tied together with Solar Renewable Energy Generation’. The Research paper has been published in ‘Clean Future’. Malank has a keen interest in sustainability and has been actively working on solar renewable energy solutions for the benefit of the environment and the society. 

This innovation is a collaborative effort from different streams, by bringing together technologies and techniques from revival and rejuvenation of water bodies, waste water treatment and ground water recharging, solar power plant design and implementation and econometric modelling to establish a financially feasible self-sustaining solution for revival of lakes and urban water bodies. It resolves two big issues that our cities are facing currently like the  revival of the lake ecosystem enabling communities around it to thrive and  Providing much needed green and clean energy, enabling the cities to become green cities.

He is a founder of Light Spread, which aims to make education available to children or low-income families especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Light Spread is a not for profit. He has developed the platform to connect schools with members of society to fund the education of kids unable to afford/prioritize it.

In his free time, Malank write’s papers on current economic and market issues. He follows an analytical approach in analysing the impact of various events such as Covid pandemic on various stakeholders in society. Papers are published at his own Blog and are submitted at various Govt windows.

Sanskrit Awards

Sanskrit Pratibha Puraskar

Sanskrit Pratibha Puraskar (a Certificate and a cheque of Rs.800/-) was given by Delhi Sanskrit Academy to the meritorious students of present Class XII for the year 2018-19 on the basis of their performance in class X boards examination .

The students awarded were Anusha Gupta, Aanya Agarwal, Ananya Kaushik, Arya Garg, Abhinav Bhatt, Aanya Tripathi , Ananya Sinha , Jayeshwar Singh , Megha Chandra , Sarthak Jain , S. Shruti , Turrag Dewan and  Tejas Sajwan Vishnu.

Deepita Singh and Shrishti received a certificate and a cheque of Rs. 1200/- for scoring 100% in Sanskrit class X boards examination.

Sanskrit Academy Scholarship

Sanskrit Academy awarded a Sanskrit scholarship ( a Certificate and a cheque of Rs.500/-)  for the year 2018-19 to the meritorious students of present Class XI on the basis of their class IX result. The students who won the scholarship are:Aditya Mittal , Adwitya Singhal , Adwiti Singhal , Aishwarya Vig , Aman Raj , Amiya Gupta , Ananti , Arjun Kulshrestha , Arnav Swarnkar , Aryan Arora , Ashmit Nangia , Byapti Siddhanta ,Gopal Krishna Halder , Harshini Sinha , Katyayani Dubey , Kriish Chaudhary , Maanaya Sareen , Rakshit Singh ,Rudraksh Agarwal , Rudraneel Sinha, S.Shreya, Sanya Aggarwal and Shresta Aggarwal .

Sanskrit Academy  Scholarship

Meritorious students of present Class X-K were awarded Sanskrit Scholarship ( a Certificate and a cheque of Rs.400/-)   for the year 2018-19 on the basis of their class VIII result. The students awarded were: Aadi Narayan , Aditi Rastogi , Muhammad Ayaan , Naisha Wadhwa, Naman Kohli , Neitya Gupta , Oorja Akshara , Palak Agarwal , Parth Kumar , Shambhavi Bisht and Tiya Saluja.

Third Consecutive Rolling Trophy In The Amity Sanskrit Olympiad

Amity International School,Saket organized the Online Sanskrit Olympiad on 16th of January,2021.Tavishi Mukherjee of IX I secured the 1st position. Parth Kumar of class X K and Mauray Jain of class IX J secured the 2nd position. 136 students of class IX and X across 24 schools of Delhi and NCR participated in the olympiad wherein Delhi Public School, R.K Puram once again bagged the Overall Rolling Trophy .This trophy was won for the third consecutive year by DPS RK Puram.

‘Gold Award’ And International Rank In Sanskrit Olympiad

The International Foundation Sanskrit Olympiad (IFSaO) organized an International Sanskrit Olympiad In December 2020, for the students worldwide.Parth Kumar of X-K was awarded the ‘Gold Award’ and also bagged the 2nd International Position.Shivin Sareen of class VII-D and Ishaan Semwal of class X-K were awarded the ‘Silver Award’ and bagged the 2nd and 3rd International Positions.

“Escapades Of Vivan: The Treasure Of Moth Ki Masjid”.

Vivan Ramdeo a student of class VII-I  has completed his first book which he started in junior school. His book titled “Escapades of Vivan: The treasure of Moth Ki Masjid”. He felt there are lots of historical monuments in Delhi but Generation Z is not interested in it. So he wrote a fiction surrounding monuments of Lodi dynasty and Brij Khan ka tomb, which is in RK Puram. The Published book can be accessed on the following websites. He has also made his website demonstrating his current book and next future projects on which he started working. He would also like to present his work to other students so that other students also start taking interest in our historical monuments.

His book is available on Amazon and Flipkart. 

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‘Gold Finalist’ Award

In June 2020, the Royal Commonwealth Society of London organized an essay writing competition for students. The theme of the 2020 competition was ‘Climate Action and the Commonwealth’. Praniti Gulyani of XI-U was awarded the ‘Gold Finalist’ award for her essay entitled ‘Change – A Way of Life’, out of over 13,000 entries worldwide.

Spurthi Nimbali Giving Wings To Her Imagination By- ‘My Paper Boats’

“My Paper Boats” is a collection of 42 self-composed poems by a budding debut poet, Spurti Nimbali of Class IX-H.The poems are lucid, original, relevant and as the poet describes them- “‘ a mirror to her thoughts’. The book harbours an arbitrary set of poems  that showcase the mind of an ordinary, thirteen year old dreamer. Published by the Orange Books Stores, the book is now available both as paperback and eBook on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Flipkart, GoogleBooks and OrangeBooks Store. 

Spurti is the daughter of an Army Officer who  is currently studying in class IX of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram. She owns a mind with a myriad of aspirations and a heart driven to conquer them all. She is an all rounder who describes herself as an optimistic girl who is a dog lover and  is tech-savvy.

Photography Competition

A photography competition on the topic ‘Dignity of Labour’ was conducted by the Social Service League. 6 students of the Social Service League, Alma Ali(11 U), Bharat Bhargava (11 U), Devina Singh(11 V), Riddhi Khurana(11 K), Simran Joshi (11 Q) and Srijan Gupta(11 H) conducted this competition along with their Teacher In-charge Ms. Preeti Pratihari. This competition was done to inculcate the virtue of selfless care towards humanity, among the students of the Social Service League and make them aware of the importance of thinking about the ones who do so much for us, but don’t get the same return. 

The participants were told to click a picture of any form of labour they saw around their houses, edit them and think of a meaningful caption for the photo they clicked. 23 students of class XI participated in this competition and their pictures were judged by Ms. Sarika Kaushal.

The results are as follows-
1st Position- Kritika Sharma 11-A
2nd Position- Srishti Agarwal 11C
3rd Position-  SP Thanushree 11 U

Winner Sanskrit Sambhashan Pratiyogita

Parth Kumar of Class X-K secured the Second position  in The Indian School – Sanskrit Vachan Kaushal pratiyogita, an event held on 22nd of December,2020 which saw almost 22 participants compete for the coveted prize.Parth was awarded a certificate of appreciation and a cash prize of Rs 3000 in the Sanskrit award function held on 8th of January,2021.

Winners of “I am…” competition By Berkeley University

The Earth’s CEO team under Professor Solomon Darwin,Professor, Berkeley University  invited the students of Delhi Public School R. K. Puram to participate in the “I am…” competition. This competition was an opportunity for the students to get recognized for their creative talents and critical thinking skills.

In this competition students had to write about  the natural resources as assets and their feelings about their condition in the present scenario , what they could do to improve them or even about the important role they play in our lives. They were supposed to cite factual data in a creative manner and write an essay from the perspective of the asset chosen by them. Two students from class VI-K, Rehyaan Singh who had written an essay on “I am the Ocean” and Tarush Aran,had written an essay on “I am the Air” won this competition . The essays had to be submitted by 1 November 2020.. Rehyaan had written an essay on “I am the Ocean”

Best Performance in 13th Amity Sanskrit Olympiad

Amity International School,Saket organized the virtual Sanskrit Diwas programme on 7th of November,2020. 

Parth Kumar of X-K secured the 1st position and received a cash prize of Rs 1500 and a Certificate of appreciation. Ishaan Semwal of class X-K and Maanya Sareen of class XI-V secured the 2nd position and received a prize of Rs 1200 and a certificate of appreciation. 177 students across 15 schools of Delhi and NCR participated in the olympiad wherein Delhi Public School, R.K Puram bagged the Overall Rolling Trophy 2019-2020.

Exun 2020 – International IT Symposium

The Annual IT Symposium ‘Exun 2020’ was hosted by Exun Clan, the Technology Club of Delhi Public School, RK Puram was held for the 25th time in ‘Exun Week’, from 15th to 22nd November, 2020. The event was sponsored by Athena Education and BML Munjal University and supported by Wolfram, Devfolio and Women Who Code, Delhi. This event was the 3rd National IT Symposium for and by the tech enthusiast students under the supervision of the Computer Science Department of the school, with select competitions enjoying international participation. 

A prominent feature of Exun Week this year were the various Exun Talks, given by experienced alumni and professionals such as Andre Cardoso, the creator of a popular GameDev YouTube channel – Mix and Jam. Additionally, a Fireside chat was organised with some of our most-experienced alumni discussing their careers and the contemporary tech landscape. The introduction for the closing ceremony was given by Rahul Merwah, the founder of Exun Clan, back in 1991.

This year, with 800+ registrations from 50 schools, Exun along with The Gaming Club-DomainSquare+, Robotics Club – RoboKnights and Cubing Club – CubXL organised 22 different IT events including an Online Cryptic Hunt– SudoCrypt and a Girls in Tech event.

Exun Week was preceded by  SudoCrypt 10.0, the tenth iteration of Exun Clan’s flagship online cryptic hunt, held from 9-10th November. The format of the hunt was redesigned, shifting from a traditional cryptic hunt to a text adventure based hunt. More than 1000 participants took part in SudoCrypt, accumulating a total of 200,000+ points. Preliminary rounds for Competitive Programming, Group Discussion and the SpaceTech event took place before Exun Week commenced as well.

On the occasion of the 25th Exun, Exun Clan also released the 15th issue of its Annual Magazine – “UnderScore”, available at

EXUN WEEK: Schedule

On the first day, Sunday the 15th, the symposium was inaugurated in the opening ceremony, where the Introductory Video ( for Exun 2020 was presented by Exun Clan, showcasing brief particulars about the events and the achievements of the club. On the same day, the Hardware and Machine Learning tasks were released. 

The Principal, in her welcome address, expressed her admiration for the club and the rapid advances they have made in the IT field. Furthermore, she articulated on the significance of technology and how she herself cannot do without it. At the same time, she emphasised the human aspect of life, and described how technology is a very powerful weapon, and should not be misused. Towards the end of her speech, she congratulated the entire Computer Science Department, calling them the backbone of the school, and praised Exun for being one of the most seasoned clubs.

On Monday, tasks for the RoboKnights BISCUITS event were released, the Quiz and Crossword prelims took place, and a tutorial workshop was organised by Women Who Code, Delhi for the Girls in Tech event which continued into the next day.

On Tuesday, the tasks for the Build events, Hackathon, Designathon, and Unreality were released. The Surprise and DomainSquare+ Gaming prelims also took place, along with semis of the Lockout programming event.

Wednesday started with the Turing Test (Computational Linguistics) competition, followed by the Surprise event finals which continued onto the next day. 

Thursday had the Group Discussion semifinals, along with the Girls in Tech prelims and DomainSquare+ Gaming finals. On Friday, the Group Discussion and Make-a-Thon event concluded with their finals.

Saturday began with a bang, with all 3 Build events, Hackathon, Designathon and Unreality having demos. Next, the SpaceTech semifinals and finals pitches took place, along with Lockout finals and Cubing finals which continued the next day.

On Sunday, the day started with “Exun Fireside Chat” (  with 3 Exun alumni prominently involved with the tech landscape – Mr. Gaurav Lochan (President, 1994-95), Mr. Saif Hasan (President, 1994-95) and Mr. Manas Mittal (President, 2000-01). Afterwards, the Crossword finals took place, followed by the Quizzing finals.Finally to conclude the symposium, the closing ceremony was held, which started with addresses by the Exun founder, Mr. Rahul Merwah, Mr. Ankit Wadhwa (President, 1999-2000), Gursartajj Singh Nijjar (President, 2006-07), Ananay Arora (President, 2016-17) and Teacher In-Charge Mr. Mukesh Kumar sir, followed by announcement of winners and expression of gratitude towards participants for attending the event.


Group Discussion was conducted in 3 rounds. A preliminary round had participants use harmless modern internet slang such as “gg”, “tbh”, “ngl” and others while expressing their argument. This was followed by semi-finals and finals, with the latter having a question answer round. Mr. Sameer Chadha, Mr. Shiv Sethi and Mr. Siddhant Shah, alumni of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan, were the judges for the event.

Build was an event wherein students were competing against each other in all aspects of design, game and software development. The Designathon event had participants working on rebranding their favourite album, and was judged by Mr. Gyan Lakhwani, Mr. Yatharth and Mr. Devansh Gandhi. The Hackathon event was judged by Mr. Sibesh Kar and Mr. Achal Varma. The Unreality (Game Development) event had the dual themes, “Regeneration” and “Entropy”, and was judged by Mr. Ayush Singla, Mr. Anirudh Chauhan and Mr. Bhavya Khandelwal. All were alumni of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan.

Crossword was conducted in two rounds, a preliminary and a final round. The event included pun-based, tech-related questions. The event was conducted by Mr. Udit Malik, an alumni of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan.

ExML, the Machine Learning event involved a rich variety of unique yet equally mesmerising machine learning paradigms on display and in use. In the ExML contest, there were a plethora of tasks to choose from, covering the various Machine Learning paradigms. The tasks had a subjective focus, with an emphasis on the quality of data science, perceptible results and data ethics, and each participant had to include a writeup describing their solution and how they came about it, along with their submissions. The event was judged by Mr. Ayush Singla and Mr. Sagnik Anupam, both alumni of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan.

The basis of the SpaceTech event was the growing importance and applicability of space science in engineering that directly benefits us on Earth, by giving us clearer perspectives and direct returns in the form of technical advancements. The event, judged by Mr. Udit Malik, Mr. Shiv Sethi and Mr. Bhavya Khandelwal, was held in collaboration with the New Delhi Space Society. Participants had to devise innovative methods to traverse the surface of the Moon and provide routes between specified locations. The event culminated with participants pitching their innovations in a semifinal round, followed by an unconventional final where the 3 finalists were given preparation time of an hour to find flaws in the systems of other teams, while also finding aspects which they would like to incorporate in their own system.

Competitive Programming saw the participants face a plethora of problems based on logic, algorithms and data structures. They were evaluated on the basis of the time they took to solve the problems. The online qualifying round saw more than 1000 participants, including 192 international participants, out of which 10 teams battled it out in the onsite finals. 

The Gaming event, organized by DomainSquare+ focussed on the abilities of gamers to adapt to different situations as they were presented with games like Nidhogg, Shovel Knight, Curveball, Super Hexagon, Devil Daggers and Assault Cube. Make-a-Thon, an event based on  designing  innovative  systems with the application of robotics and engineering, and BISCUITS, Build and Design Circuits, events were hosted by RoboKnights. The BISCUITS was judged by Danish Bansal and Pranshu Malik, former Presidents of Roboknights, whereas the Make-a-Thon was judged by Aniansh Raj ,and Shaurya Jain, former Presidents of RoboKnights, along with Vinamr Sachdeva.

Turing Test assessed the skills of participants by testing them on problems based on various computational linguistics paradigms.

In the Open Quiz, the preliminary round was a form, with an online finals where they were required to answer a number of questions on a diverse range of topics such as Technology, I.T, tech-politics, and Gaming. The “Infinite Pounce and Bounce” system was in play throughout the quiz, which was conducted by Mr. Bharat Kashyap, an Exun and DPSRKP alumnus, and Mr. Pranava Dhar, an alumnus of DPS Noida.

Cubing Event, the first day started with war of speed with three solves by each and the average of the three was taken for shortlisting them for final. A total of 24, 9 from 2×2, 9 from 3×3 and 6 from Pyraminx were selected for finals.

In collaboration with the not-for-profit organization ‘Women Who Code, Delhi’, Exun 2020 featured a workshop and a unique ‘Girls in Tech’ event, with an aim to increase female representation in tech fields and provide girls with a platform to showcase their talent. The theme for this year was generative art, where P5.js was used.  The event consisted of two initial interactive workshops to familiarize the participants with the required pre-requisites after which, the preliminary round had participants replicate provided graphics whereas the finals required them to make interactive simulations and animations relating to STEM-concept based prompts.

The Surprise Event consisted of two rounds. The first was a relay of many games ranging from Chess to QuizUp. The final round asked participants to recognize companies based on portfolios and invest in them in hopes to make it big in the stock market. The event was judged by Mr. Aman Verma, Mr. Aaryak Garg and Mr. Aravind Ashok, alumni of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan.

The DomainSquare+ PC Gaming event focused on the abilities of gamers to adapt to different situations with competitive games like Fistful of Frags in the preliminary rounds, Vector for the semi-finals and Blade Symphony for the Finale. The event had judges Mr. Saharsh Vedi, former President of DS+, Mr. Saumya Gaikwad, Mr. Aravind Ashok and Mr. Aaryak Garg.

To increase the level of excitement and thrill of participating in an “online hardware” event, our Hardware event aimed for a new angle of approach through a unique team-based task format.  Students had to compete against other schools in a Hardware hunt, which had an online platform of operation and had hints stored in an encrypted file. Participants also had to participate in 4 other tasks, including benchmarking and OS review. The event judges were Mr. Aditya Singh and Mr. Danish Bansal, alumnus of Exun Clan and DPSRKP.

The Computer Science Teachers comprising of Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Ms. Hema Jain, Ms. Sangeeta Rana, Mr. Mohitendra Dey, Ms. Shalini Harisukh, Ms. Sarika Kaushal, Ms. Anjana Virmani, Ms. Nandini Dasgupta, Mr. Shekhar Sharma and Mr. Ajitkumar K.G. as a team efficiently organised this grand event along with the support of Tech. Team composed of Mr. Thomas C.A., Mr. Diny Mathew, Mr. K.V.Joseph, Mr. Shankar Giri assisted by Mr. Ram Kumar and Mr. Ramjas.

The student team was led by Shashwat Chandra, Natasha Arya, Amadika Mahapatra, Rian Borah, Kushagra Gupta, Akshit Kumar, Priyanshi Ahuja, Alankar Dutta, and Alhad Sethi. Extraordinary efforts from members and adhocs made the event possible and were greatly appreciated.

The Overall Trophies were given to the following schools:




The SudoCrypt results are as follows:

Rank Name         Institution

SudoKing             Agamdeep Singh Ramjas School, R.K. Puram

SudoKnight#2      Dhruva Goyal The Mother’s International School

SudoKnight#3      Hitarth Khurana, Delhi Public School, Dwarka

SudoKnight#4      Deepak Singh, Independent

SudoKnight#5      Shobhit Rathi, Independent

SudoKnight#6      Abhi K, Independent

The individual results of the events were updated on as soon as events concluded.