Registration of New Voters

The Election Commission of India has always been committed for conducting free, fair and inclusive elections, for which an error free and updated electoral roll is prerequisite. The electoral roll is updated regularly through the Annual Summary Revision and continuous updation, wherein special focus is given on registration of new/ prospective electors, who are/ would be eligible for registration in electoral roll.

Earlier, the registration in electoral roll was done with respect to one qualifying date i.e. 1st January of the coming year, however with the recent change in registration process; provision of four qualifying dates have been introduced, i.e. 01st January, 01st April, 01st July and 01st October of the year in which the final publication of electoral is done. The said provisions have enabled the more prospective electors to submit advance application/ claim for registration in Form-6, upon the draft publication of electoral roll, usually done in November every year.

The registration of new/prospective electors has always been a challenging task, and in spite of Commission’s consistent efforts for encouraging and increasing the enrollment in the 18-19 age group, there has always been a shortfall in the registration number. As majority of such prospective electors are part of the educational institutes, the commision feels that registration of young/ prospective electors can be maximised through active participation in education institutions by providing:-

I. A dedicated space on institutions website where a link for “registraion of new voters” along with awareness slogans may be given, to encourage the students for their registration as electors; this link would direct the applicant to Form 6-“Registraion of New Voters” on NVSP portal

II. A field embedded towards the end of registration/ examination form with tagline “application form to be a new voter” . A click on the same would direct the applicant to Form 6 – Registration of new voters on NVSP portal, by hyper-linking the tagline with the portal.

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To register as a new voter, Kindly follow these step: