Vox Populi ’20- The Voice Of The People

The DPSMUN and DPSRKP Youth Parliament Club under the guidance of the department of Political Science and Legal Studies organized Vox Populi ’20 – The Voice of the People on 10th June 2020 from 11:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. using the G-Suit Google Hangout Meet for the students of classes XI and XII.

Five committees were simulated and the Press Corps covered the entire event. 

United Nations Human Rights Council

Indian Federal Council 

Group Discussion

United Nations Security Council 

National Security Council 

Following were the members of the Organizing Committee and their agendas:

1.United Nations Security Council – Addressing the question of statehood of Palestine and

other occupied territories in light of Article 12(3) lodged

by Palestine in ICC.

Chairperson: Divyam Jindal

Vice-Chairperson: Tejas Vaid

Rapporteur: Shambhavi Arora

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms. Deepti Chaudhary

2. Indian Federal Council – Discussing the socio-economic fallout of COVID-19 containment measures including economic relief packages and the migrants’ crisis; with special emphasis on solutions.

Chairperson: Goutam Puri

Vice-Chairperson: Manhar Bansal

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms. Swati Verma

3. United Nations Human Rights Council – Combating violence against women with special emphasis on their overall well being in accordance with steps taken by the UN.

Chairpersons: Nitya Manchanda, Khushi Sethi

Teachers-in-Charge: Ms. Madhu Rai, Ms. Vaishali Tiwari

4. Group Discussion – Strategies for post Pandemic Economic Re-Construction.

Chairperson: Armaan Singh Ahluwalia

Vice-Chairperson: Alyssa Nagrath

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms. Harveen Kaur

5. National Security Council – The Sino-Indian Border Conflict With Special Emphasis on Recent Developments.

Co-Moderators: Areeb Nabi, Disha Gandhi

Teachers-in-Charge: Mr. Arvind Singh, Ms. Nisha Kirar

6. Press Corps

Editors-in-Chief: Sinchan Chatterjee, Sukriti Chawla

Teachers-in-Charge: Ms. Sabreena Bansal, Ms. Nikita Khera

Following were the results:

1. United Nations Security Council 

Best Delegate: Keshav Baheti-11R

High Commendation: Arsh Mir-11L

High Commendation: Arnab Kumar Mullick-11V

2. Indian Federal Council 

Best Representative: Alma Ali-11U

High Commendation: Dhun Paliwal-11A

Special Mention: Anya Mandal-12X

3. United Nations Human Rights Council

Best Speaker: Manya Sareen-11V

High Commendation: Tweesha Sachdeva-11A

Special Mention: Argha Gupta-11A

4. Group Discussion 

Best Delegate: Agrima Jain-11F

High Commendation: Sparsh Singhal-11S

Special Mention: Pratyush Singh-11N

5. National Security Council 

Best Delegate: Drona Sharma-11V

High Commendation: Mridul Malani-11M

Special Mention: Keerthana Panchanathan-11K

6. Press Corps 

Best Reporter: Isma Baig-12U

Best Caricaturist: Urvi Poddar-12Q