Aesthetics Of Theatre

Expressions Theatre Club organised a theatre workshop on 10th June 2020. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Vaishali Chakravarty.  

The workshop started with a basic introduction and Ms. Chakravarty highlighted the difference between drama and theatre, helping the students to understand the dynamics of the craft.It was a hands-on experience that focused on the various aspects of theatre to give a holistic perspective into the world of theatre. 

She portrayed an interesting picture of the aesthetics of theatre by compartmentalizing it into smaller components and explaining these in details.She emphasized on the importance of character development, character traits  and the sync between the time and space. Character development and proper conceptualization could add layers to compliment the play.

She further focused on the creative aspect related to props and the settings which could transform the play significantly. She cited an example of headgear and how it offers a gamut of options for experimenting with a character. 

Ms. Chakravarty further elucidated the significance of voice modulation and  expressions in showcasing the characters. A character with a booming voice can act as a pivotal energy lifter, whereas one with a mellow tone could help in adding depth.The workshop was a treat for all the theatre enthusiasts and indeed a great learning experience. It gave the viewers a perspective of what goes behind a play, and how it should be planned.