Trip To Gandhi Smriti

An educational field trip to Gandhi Smriti for students of Class 7 ( Sections G-K) was organised by the History Department on 6 February, 2019. The purpose of the walk was to propagate the life, mission and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi.

Students were taken around the Smiriti by well-informed guides, who explained the significance of various exhibits, such as sculptures, frescoes, inscriptions on rocks and relics pertaining to the years Mahatma Gandhi spent at this place. The ‘Pillar of Castelessness’, a symbol of unity, caught the fancy of students, which illuminated with their touch as they stood together holding hands. There was a beautifully maintained dolls museum which depicted important events from Mahatma Gandhi’s life. Students were moved by their visit to the martyr’s column, which stands at the very same spot where the Father of the Nation was assassinated on January 30, 1948. Students were later shown a documentary on the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

The entire visit gave students insights in to the life and teachings of Gandhiji.