Assembly VI-F (29-09-2021)

Topic: World Heart Day

Cardiovascular diseases and strokes are the leading cause of deaths in present times. This highlights the action which we can take to prevent it. World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29th September all over the world and is a perfect platform to fight against cardiovascular diseases and take steps to prevent heart diseases and to reduce the global disease burden.

To mark the importance of a healthy heart and nutrition, students of VI-F prepared their presentation on World Heart Day. The presentation commenced with a Hymn by Mahikaa Samal and proceeded on to an introductory speech by Naisha Khurana and a song by Sanvy Gugnani. Thought for the day was shared by Sairah Chawla, Sanvi Sawhney, Sampann and Kiaan Kharwal. A short emotional story was narrated by Aarav Garg, Shiven and Praaket Soni. A speech on the importance of World Heart Day and Nutrition was delivered by Abhiveer Wadhwa, Vihaan Gupta and Ayana Verma. A short poem on the importance of a healthy heart was recited by Parth Malhotra.The presentation concluded with a vote of thanks by Naisha Khurana. The credit for the google slides and technical assistance goes to Devyansh Tiwari.

Class Teacher-Ms. Neelam Ajwani
Class-VI F
Supervisor- Ms. Vineeta Gupta
Class Representative-  Ms. Vaishali Tiwari
Activity Incharge –  Ms KAVERI DHAR