Assembly XI-W (25-09-2021)

Topic: Non Ducor Duco- I am not led, I lead

Contrary to what may appear, this phrase does not stand for vanity, unruliness or rebellion. Yes, every endeavor must have a leader and every leader has his roles. Living by non ducor duco does not mean clamouring for leadership. It means simply that our involvement and contribution to the vision must be at par with that of the leader. To highlight this very concept, XI-W put up a creative presentation created by Ayush Jain, Anurag Kumar and Ananya Shree.

The assembly started with a melodious prayer and hymn by Aryan Lal, Priyangna Goel and Anushka Kumari followed by a short introduction by Abbas Shuja. An insightful thought by Muskan was accompanied by a meaningful speech by Ananya Shree. Praj Boiragi’s views on the topic, preceded by Kavya Srivastava’s poetry, transitioned into the next part of the assembly, which was a beautiful song by Priyangna Goel. The assembly ended with a Vote of Thanks by N Priyamvada. The invitation was designed and created by Ayush Jain, and the music behind the invitation was given by Kavya Srivastav

Class Teacher-Ms Swati Verma
Class-XI W
Vice Principal – Mr. Anil Kathuria
Class Representative-  Ms.Ritu Kumar
Activity Incharge –  Ms KAVERI DHAR