Rules and Regulations of the championship

30th September 2nd October 2015-16

  1. The championship will be played as per the TTFI rules.
  2. Every School will be permitted to enter a maximum of five players in each group.
  3. A team shall consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five players.
    The following age criteria will be strictly followed for participation in the championship:-
  4. Under 14 years    Boys   1st January 2002, up to 8th class
    b. Under 17 years    Boys    1st January 1999, up to 10th class
    c. Under 19 years    Boys    1st January 1997, up to 12th class
  5. Every team will be required to carry an age proof for all the players along with a group photograph of the team duly attested by the Principal of the School.
  6. The team championship will be played on the “best of five games” basis. The team winning three matches will be declared the winner.
  7. The matches in the Individual category will be played on “best of five games” basis.
  8. Players are expected to be in proper games kit during the matches.
  9. All teams must report to the Chief Referee at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for their matches.
  10. If a player/team fails to report for his/their match at the scheduled time, he/they will be presumed to have conceded a walk over to the opponents.
  11. Only NITTAKU PREMIUM / STAG PREMIUM balls will be used for the championship.
  12. The Managers and Coaches of all the teams are expected to attend a meeting at 6.00 p.m. on 29th September 2015.
  13. The decision of the Chief Referee and the Technical Committee will be final and binding on all players/teams.
  14. No team shall leave the Campus without the written permission of the Principal/Convener of the host school.