National Science Day

National Science Day was celebrated on 28th February 2024 in school premises as per the instructions from DoE to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian scientist Sir C.V Raman. The Event was planned under the guidance of our Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan. Its objective was to foster scientific attitude and curiosity among students through interactive displays and hands-on experiences. Exhibition showcased  a variety of educational material including posters , charts, microscope slides,models,specimens, bones of Human body and practical demonstrations.

Biology Section offered diverse displays on “Upcoming Technologies’ and recent advancements  like Edible Vaccines, Designer babies , Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Biology. Compilation of Newsletters-Bio Bulletin for three months showcased various poems, articles, riddles, illustrations.crosswords and inspired students to engage with research and discoveries. Practical files and projects of Class XI and XII students demonstrated their dedication towards the subject perfectly highlighting the integration of art and science as a subject. Bones of the Human Skeletal system accompanied with informative facts enhanced the interactive nature of the exhibit; fascinating everyone. One section of Biology exhibit provided nutritional significance of specific millets essential for the human body. It emphasized on dietary diversity and sustainable agriculture. A short video on the importance of Millets was shared with the students.Attendees also explored air purifying and medicinal properties of common plants like aloe vera, tulsi and Neem. All the attendees were given badges with “Biology Matters” written on it

Chemistry Section included demonstrations of different types of chemical solutions ; food items with different pH and their effect on the body. It helped the students to develop a deeper understanding of fundamental chemical properties

The Physics Section displayed a wide array of laboratory  equipment and apparatuses like Vernier Calipers, Screw Gauge, Simple Pendulum,optical benches with lens &  mirror. To demonstrate the phenomenon of Total internal Reflection a  glass of water,  laser light was used. Optical fibers were used. 

All the departments shared an online quiz on the recent advances in the field of Science, Millets & Environmental Challenges & Solutions to test and generate curiosity about science. 

Visitors gained insight into various scientific disciplines and greater appreciation for practical application of theoretical knowledge. The National Science Day Exhibition successfully achieved its goal of promoting scientific inquiry and education.The exhibition was arranged by the teachers of Physics, Chemistry & Biology Department Teachers. The overall coordinator of the programme was Ms Niva Chhonkar,HoD Biology.