Hindi Workshop

Hindi Department of D P S R K Puram organised Hindi workshop and meeting for Hindi teachers of D P S R K Puam ,D P S East of Kailash,and D P S Vasant Vihar on saturday 4th May 2019.

Learning is not only question and their answers of   textbooks but it is ,developing thinking and imagination of the students in the subject. It is to develop their  analytical minds.It is to develop their writing skills with creativity.

The Head of the Department Mrs Fatma Kirmani introduced the Topic- How to develop the creativity among students. she gave some topics to teachers to write poems and paragraphs.Teachers wrote the poems and recited  one by one beautifully . It was explained to them that they have to assign the topics to students to develop their creativity.

It was also discussed that the writing and correct  spelling of Hindi words are very important in language .Teachers must put in more efforts for this.

The workshop ended in a pleasant and good note. The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Seema Mehta.