Educational Trip to Sariska

75 Astronomy Club Members of VII Std. travelled to Astroport, a dark Sky Observation Site near Sariska National Park Rajasthan for overnight sky observation session on 3 May 2019 and returned on 4 May 2019

This session is an integral part of the curriculum run for the Astronomy club members. This educational trip provided a great sky viewing and research experience to the budding astronomers. The site is well equipped for deep sky observation study and photography. The learning outcomes were Sky reading through Sky map ,Motion of the Stars ,Rotation and Revolution Concept ,Planets and their visibility in the sky ,Observing constellations and Telescope and its handling

While going the students enjoyed their journey in the bus and also had lunch at Haldiram’s and Domino’s. We reached the destination at 5.00 pm. The students were taken for site seeing immediately after taking snacks followed by the cultural evening where they enjoyed Rajasthan Folk Dance. Then they were briefed about the events & session that were supposed to be conducted at night with them.

It was a great learning experience for the students. The students observed constellations like Saptrishi, planets like Jupiter along with its 3 moons and Saturn.

They also calculated the distance of stars and also learn the concept of rotation and revolution.

After completing the night session at 3. 00 Am., the student took some rest & then boarded the buses back to school at 5.00 am after taking the breakfast.