Week 2 -4

Delhi Public School R.K.Puram organised various summer  activities to  stimulate and challenge the students, who had to  adorn their thinking caps to complete these activities.The prime objective being providing an opportunity to the participants to creatively express themselves.

Grade VI had the One Man Show, where the students were required to enact a fictional character from their favourite book/novel for 01 minute, for the second week. For the third week, End It Your Way was organized. Students were shown an open ended video. They were required to provide a creative and original ending to it. For both the activities, students participated with immense enthusiasm and zeal. They were happy to participate in these innovative activities.

In grade VII, a language based quiz, ‘Wizards of Words’ was conducted through the interactive Kahoot! Platform. In the following week, a listening skills based activity, Listen O’ Hara, was organized, where students attempted worksheets paying attention to the lyrics of some meaningful songs. 

Class VIII – The Writer’s Quill– Popular stories were selected, students were given time to ponder over the stories and then they had to pen unique endings of the stories.  Eight stories were given and the students had to pick any one and change the ending.  Students zealously participated and were eager to  voice their unusual  endings. The activities were aimed to develop creativity, enhance knowledge and improve expression besides boosting their confidence.

Snap Poetry- The students were shown four visual cues in the form of pictures. They were asked to select any picture or theme from the given cues. After which, they were asked to write a poem in about 10-12 lines. Following which the forum was open for sharing their individual poetic renditions with appropriate intonation, voice modulation and expressions.

Class IX had Picture Perfect-Writing a paragraph based on a picture and the emotional value underlying the image using cues given with it followed by an articulate narration of the write -up. 

In class X, a poetic activity ‘Verses vs Verses– A Poetry Analysis was conducted. 

Students were given the poem “Tyger by William Blake”. 

They had to comment verbally upon the theme, meaning and various poetic devices used in the poem. Students took turns to put forth their comprehension and understanding of the various aspects of the poem. 

The students of Class XII had a round of Listening skills.

The activities are aimed to develop creativity, enhance knowledge and improve 

expression besides boosting their confidence.