The Biology Club of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram organised an online summer activity “’Discover a  Biologist in You” for the students of class XII on 11th May 2021, in order to highlight the creativity in learning opted by the students. The learning could be expressed through art, prose, poem, illustration, cartoon, music, dance, story telling, experimentation or idea sharing on any topic. The main objective of this activity was to encourage the students to express their learning styles and be creative at the same time.

The session began with a welcome note delivered by Ms Niva Chhonkar,H.O.D Biology Department.The students had highly diverse presentations; ranging from digital art to motivating life stories. A student shared his family history of an inheritable disease and its progression in his family through the generations along with its impact on the morale of the family. Another inspiring story was shared by a student, who defeated a complication by making just a few lifestyle changes. Students were questioned about the biological concepts and theories behind their themes.There were some great artworks shared as well. All the students were  excited to showcase their talent with great creativity and individuality.

The activity was able to enlighten and challenge the club members by encouraging them to express their views as budding biologists. All the teachers praised the efforts of the students and congratulated them for their efforts.Session was organised by Ms Kajal Sethi and Ms Kusum Yadav.