Sessions on career counselling was organised by the school for students and parents of class X separately according to the following schedule:

Class X A – XH  (PARENTS)The first session was conducted by Mr Jitin Chawla on 28 September 2022 (Wednesday) on career options available for students across all streams within India. Sir emphasised upon the need to discover oneself and asking questions such as what, why, when, where and how. Various offbeat careers booming in the present times were also highlighted such as certified fraud examiner, design computational linguistics, digital marketing etc.Mr Chawla provided information on various courses available within India and abroad offering free education such as Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Netherlands. The session was engaging and informative and the parents were able to get clarity on their questions related to a specific career.


 A career session was organised for all class X students on 29th September 2022 (Thursday). 

The first session was conducted by Mr Binit Binod and his team from PRATHAM. Mr Binit Binod emphasised upon how to choose a career for themselves based upon their aptitude, skills and interest instead of choosing a career based on other people’s perspective, herd mentality, comparison and social status. Sir, highlighted upon various career options available for students across all streams along with their entrance exams and future prospects. Second session was taken by Ms Shilpa and Mr Abhishekh from MINDLER where an emphasis was on subject specific career options available for students. Sir provided information on various career options available apart from the usual career options available.


 A session was conducted by Mr Jitin Chawla on 30th September 2022 (Friday) on various  career options available for students across all streams. The session highlighted upon upcoming new courses available which have a promising future for the generations to come. Sir emphasised upon the importance of self discovery in the process of choosing a career for themselves. Information on career options available when choosing a specific subject was provided such as psychology, history, maths, economics, chemistry etc.  Lastly, an emphasis on different universities along with the programs being offered were spoken about. It was an informative interactive session where parents were able to clear their doubts.