“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”

On 26th September 2022, Delhi Public School RK Puram organised a career guidance session for the students of Class X which was taken up by Jamboree Institute.  Headmistress Ms. Rashmi Malhotra addressed the students about the importance of Career Counselling and Guidance Sessions. The esteemed speakers invited for the day were Ms. Naima Gupta and Mr. Vineet Gupta  both alumni. 

Speakers provided fruitful insight to the young minds about education abroad. The two insisted on fogging the human mind to figure out what one really wants in life. Students were provided a brief about the universities abroad, their admission procedures and their prerequisites. The topic of Liberal Arts was taken up and flexibility of various educational institutes such as Ashoka University was shown . It was to them. interactive and intriguing session as all the doubts were actively addressed. The Speakers also emphasised the importance of being a humble and responsible citizen. The session was concluded with the vote of thanks.