Class Trip To The National Museum (Class VI)

Class VI students were taken to the National Museum in the month of May. They were accompanied by their respective Social Science teachers.

It was a guided tour; a guide per class of 40 students was arranged by the museum. Students were shown and explained about the Archaeology, Manuscripts, Harappan Civilisation, Arms and armour, life of Buddha Coin Gallery .Students took a keen interest in the display of Manuscripts and the Harappan Gallery. it gave them a better insight to their chapters in the textbook. They were especially amazed by the carved Ivory tusks and the coin gallery. They were also shown a 30 minute long detailed Power point presentation on the Harappan Civilisation. The tour of the Museum was very informative and interesting for the students. The respective Social Science teachers also guided the children and discussed specific points relevant to their chapters. The trip was organised by the history coordinator Ms.Sohini Chakravarty.