Class Presentation VIII-G (27-07-2020)


 Patriotism is a passionate sentiment .Nurturing and inculcating this virtue is of prime significance among children.Through the inspiring story of Sardar  Udham Singh ,the class  tried  to portray and present his act of valour via this class presentation. It was showcased that one should always be prepared for making the ultimate sacrifice and strive for upholding the ideals and ethos of our nation .Class VIII-G embarked on this journey by presenting a morning prayer sung by Shery Chauhan followed by the thought for the day by Advika Harisukh. In continuation to this process,Sahibnoor Kaur presented an inspiring speech on Sardar Udham Singh. Manan Agrawal and Ishan Rathi followed this up with a small skit and Vyeshant  Aditya enacted the role of  Udham Singh. In addition to this Kartavya Panda recited a heart warming hindi poem based on this topic.

Teacher- Mr Sushil Kumar
Class – VIII G
Rep- Ms.Reema Khosla
Headmistress – Niva Chonnkar
Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar