Class Presentation XI-C (24-07-2020)

24 JULY 2020 Friday
Teacher- Ms Shalini Chanana
Topic- Strong are those who fight battles we do not know of
Class – XI C
Rep- Ms.Ritu Kumar
Vice Principal- Ms Renu Nayar
Incharge – Ms Binu Channan

Tanishq welcomed everybody and introduced the topic for the presentation and led us to the morning prayer. In her melodious voice, Shanchari sang the morning prayer; “O Palanhare”.Naman and Srishti presented the thought for the day explaining the importance of hardships in one’s life, to help us emerge stronger than before. Abhisar recited a mesmerising self-composed poem, on how to believe in self and not be influenced by others and not to lose hope even in adverse situations. Tanaya enlightened us with her speech on the topic. The message conveyed by her was that strong people don’t give up struggling with ups and downs of life and carve a niche for themselves and set an example for others. Manasi explained that one is defined by his strength and courage and not by weaknesses. She thanked everyone on behalf of class XI C for being a part of morning presentation. The message conveyed by the assembly was that strong people are always fighting battles of their own to emerge stronger and they don’t complain about the hardships they face.