Bacterial Plasmid Isolation & DNA Electrophoresis

The students of sections A, B and C of Class XII  of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram were treated to an immersive experience on November 2,2020 to a workshop on Bacterial Plasmid Isolation and DNA electrophoresis conducted for them by Dr. Tripti Bhatnagar from Codon Biotech on the online forum of Google Meet. She elucidated the isolation of bacterial extra chromosomal DNA by the alkaline lysis method. 

Dr. Bhatnagar detailed the principles and techniques involved in the process, and then proceeded to perform the entire practical herself for the students. So beautifully synchronised was her explanation and so mesmeric was the episode, that the students seldom felt the lack of the actual hands-on experience of performing the practical themselves. She also informed the students about various chemicals and lab equipment used in the process, and in the same breath also mentioned the various precautions one must take while performing such experiments where the slightest miscalculation can spell disaster for the results. 

Subsequently, she also went on to share some details on the process of electrophoresis, which was to be the final rung in the experiment’s ladder. She shared the nitty-gritties of preparing the agarose gel medium and the infusion of ethidium bromide within it as a fluorescing agent.

She  also took out time to patiently answer various questions which were posed by the audience.

The event was made all the more special by the graceful presence of Ms. Niva Chhonkar, who was kind enough to share her own valuable input on the topic.All in all, it proved to be a greatly enriching experience for the students, and each one walked out of the room having gained some valuable extra knowledge which was sure to be of aid in the near future.Ms Kusum Yadav proposed the vote of thanks.