Class Presentation VIII-B 03-11-2020

Topic- Kerala: God’s Own Country

To commemorate the Kerala Foundation Day, the students of class VIII B presented the topic : Kerala: God’s Own Country.The class presentation commenced with a beautiful guru stotram sung by Dia Gupta as an ode to our teachers and gurus.The thought for the day and the translation of the shlok was done by Abheek Sinha, followed by a soulful rendition of the prayer, “Tum Aasha Vishwas Humare”by Rakhee Maiti.The compère Jagriti Sharma greeted the audience with an introduction to the topic. Aatreyi Biswas recited a poem composed by Ananta Rai and Dia, describing the picturesque beauty of kerala.The students, Ananta, Pranav Aggarwal and Srijan Shrivastava narrated a story to highlight the folklore of Kerala about the origin of Onam, the most significant Harvest festival of Kerala. After this,a short speech about Kerala was presented by Suparna Wadhwa.The Presentation concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Tanishqa Manocha. The invitation card was made by Anamika, Ananta and Tanishqa and the overall compilation of the class presentation was done by Ananta.

03 November 2020 Tuesday
Class Teacher- Ms Saveri Lal
Class – VIII- B
Headmistress – Ms Niva Chonnkar
Class Representative –  Ms Reema Khosla
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan