Bio Whiz Quiz

BIO WHIZ QUIZ was organised by BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT for the club members(Biology Club, Biotech Club, Health and I club and Environment and I club) on Thursday, 29th October 2020 at 4.30 pm: on the online forum- Google meet .To express their deep love for the subject and also to boost their existing levels of knowledge in the same, a total of  9 teams; each with three members participated from Classes IX -XII.

Quiz Masters Srinjoy Mukherjee XII B and Dhruv Kumar XII D; Presidents of Biology and Biotechnology Club introduced the rules of the quiz to all the participants and conducted the quiz .There were  4 Rounds  i) Spin the Wheel   ii) Who am I  iii) Flex Your Reflex and iv) ConneXion Round. There was so much enthusiasm among  the participants and their in-depth knowledge surprised all .

After a tough competition among all the teams and following a series of tie breakers, the team that bagged the 1st position included Bhuvnesh Nagpal X E, Prakhar Sethi X E, Nabiha Yoosuf X E the 2nd  position was bagged by Ananya Gupta11 D,Aditi Singh 11 D and Ramjyoti 11D and the 3rd position was bagged by Akshara Muralidharan 11A, Dhun Paliwal 11A and Tejaswi Sharma 11 A

The day was filled with lots of fun and enthusiasm and it made students realise that Biology is not only about memorizing but it is a fascinating subject .This quiz encouraged the students to widen their knowledge about the subject. E certificate will be awarded to the winners and participants. Ms Niva Chhonkar congratulated the Winners and applauded  them for answering the questions with great accuracy