Assembly XII-T & XII-W (18-10-2022)

Topic: Ramayana – Lord Rama’s Homecoming

‘The only way to build a future is to look at the blueprints of the past.’ The assembly served to remind the audience of their cultural roots. Through a musical presentation of the Ramayana, on the festive occasion of Diwali, the students conveyed the importance of honesty, courage, and ethics.

The compering was done by Anoushka and Aadhya. Dhvani, Divyakshi, Oorja, Priyangana, Kavya, Lun, Ananya, Ashni, Garima, Melinda, Vir, and Parvi sang the Ram Bhajan. Ashmita, Rabbani, Chehak, Ananya, and Prageet performed a beautiful Ganesh Vandana dance. The news was read by Anoushka, Palak, Navya, and Shaurya. Ashmita, Arnav, Arushee, Oorja, Pradyun, Suhani, Prageet, Kalpit, Shristi, Navyaa. Sumit, Prince, Nikhil, Anurag, Namca, Abbas, Ayush, Alisha, Ananya, and Palak played various roles and narrators in the musical Ramayana. 

The soft board was created by Rishita and Arnav. Deepitark and Raghav compiled the PPT. Rishita made the folders, and the cards were made by Chehak and Maisha. Ayush designed the E-Invite. Dhvani, Shristi, Ananya, Melinda, Anoushka, and Ayush decorated the AVH. The assembly was a reflection of the morals inculcated in our society, today. The principal, vice-principal, class representatives, and class teachers addressed the audience. The event concluded with the school anthem and the national anthem.

18 October 2022
Class XII-T and XII-W
Class Teachers: Ms Aastha Kochar and Ms Preeti Pratihari
Vice Principal: Mr Anil Kathuria
Class Representative: Dr Anubha Gopal, Ms Richa Agarwal
Activity Incharge: Ms Kaveri Dhar, Ms Abha Chona