Assembly X-L & X-M (19-10-2022)

Topic: The Season of Festivities – A Time of Togetherness

The season of festivities is upon us. It’s a time to celebrate these special moments with our loved ones. Festivals offer a welcome break from the stress and monotony of life. They are a perfect time to reflect on our blessings.These occasions become even more special when we celebrate them together with our family and friends. 

The assembly commenced with the morning prayer by Naina, Diya , Naisha, Mysha, Armaan Singh, Arnav, Advay, Amit, Pranay, Rayaana, Saksham, Sanav, Tisya, Abhaas, Arhaan , Lakshita , Praneel, Samaira, Siyona, Vivaan and Vanya. This was followed by an introduction by Avni, followed by the “Thought for the day” shared by Harshita. Ayaan recited a meaningful Shloka and Saksham explained the essence of the Shloka. 

News Update was given by Devraj, Vaishnavi, Arjan and Rishita. Next in line were Speeches by Anay, Shreyansh, Ruhee, Reyansh and Chirag followed by the recitation of a beautiful Self Composed Poem by Siddhi. Next was a lively folk dance performance by Aanya, Avni (X L), Shanaya, Smera, Advaitt, Ryaan, Mahik, Aashna, Ekam, Kangna and Tanveer. This was followed by a presentation of very soothing Instrumental music by Advaya on the keyboard, accompanied by Ahaan on clap box, Inesh, Ranbir, Preksha, Lakshay on the guitar, and Oihik on tabla. 

Script was written by Chirag, Reyansh, Ruhee and Shaurya. The comperes of the programme were Aanya, Avni (10 L), Diptanshu, Gaurish , Naina, Nandin, Sarthak, Shanaya, Avni (X M) Ishan, Samriddhi.The folders, cards and board were made by Naina, Shanaya, Naisha, Tisya, Aashna, Siyona, Avni and Kangna. The powerpoint presentation was made by Rihit, Jivya, Sanaa and Shaurya. E-invite and technical support was provided by Rihit. 

19th OCTOBER 2022, Wednesday
Classes  X-L & X-M
Class Teachers: Ms Taruna Kapoor and Ms Shaloo Khanna
Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative- Ms Pratibha Sacchar
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona