Assembly XII-K & XII-L (20-10-2022)

Topic: Illuminating Your Path

‘To be a star, you must walk your own path, shine your own light and not be afraid of the darkness, that’s when a star shines the brightest’ (Joel Brown). Our Assembly topic ‘Illuminate your path’ was based on the upcoming festival of lights- Diwali. Through the programme the reason for celebrating Diwali and the new perspective was highlighted. A message of  ‘Firecracker free Diwali’ and ‘Say no to Plastics’ was conveyed.’I illuminate my path’ endorsed the fact that to have a successful future one has to be focused, resilient ,have passion, desire to improve, be optimistic, persistent, observant and be mentally and physically fit. The Comperes were Eva Agarwal, Aditya Raj, Parth Sanan, Vivaan Goyal(Class XII K),Avihan & Mayank  (Class XII L),Ganesh Vandana by Shubhika, Thought For the Day was by Aashima & Aman, News by Garv & Tunav.Diwali Message was by Tanisha, Shiksha, Swastika. Dance Performance to depict Ravan’s life was by  Hariom, Rishika, Vanla and Lanchenba. ‘Counting Stars’ was sung by : Aarushi, Eva, Pranav, Priyanshi, Pingaksh, Anubhav, Gaureka, Manan, Armaan, Atishay, Pingaksh. The new perspective was by  Mayank Shandilya & Arshia Gupta, Self composed Poem by Vanshika Shah . National level Winners of various events ,Prachi Tokas, Garima,Jeeval Kukreja, Samarth Kumar shared their experiences of overcoming  challenges to be  the winners.Gratitude was by Vanya Garg. E- Invite was by Aryan & Ayush, Folders were made by Shambhavi Bisht, Jeeval & Kavisha. Presentation was by Krish and Mayank Shandalya. Invite & Board was done by Vikramaditya

20th October 2022 Thursday 
Classes XII-K. and XII-L
Class Teachers: Mr Manoj Arora and Ms Niva Chhonkar
Vice Principal: Mr Naresh Miglani 
Class Representative: Dr Anubha Gopal, Ms Richa Agarwal
Activity Incharge: Ms Abha Chona