Assembly X-N & X-J (28-07-2022)

“Topic: Mother – An Epitome of Love”

Rudyard Kipling said “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”. This statement truly reflects a mother’s selfless love through our life’s journey – Mothers are our creators and cradlers. With the first steps, they become our hand holders and storytellers. As we plod to school, mothers transform into teachers, cheerleaders and our strongest supporters. Soon she becomes the peacemaker in our duels with siblings and the world’s best chef. In the troublesome teens, she becomes the voice of reason, the advice giver, problem solver, confidant and the shoulder to lean against. With exams round the corner, she is the nerve calmer and comforter. Mothers are angels, sunshine and our heart & soul.

The assembly commenced with the morning prayer by Arjun Chatterjee, Dhruvi Arora, Harshit Joshi, Mannat Bhardwaj, Parth Sarthy Goyal, Ria Upadhyay, Shiven Kanodia, Aryaa Dubey, Aryamaan Goswami, Chaitanya Jangra, Edha Balaji, Meera Bhatia. This was followed by an introduction by Siddhant and Ritika, followed by a melodious rendition of the Ganesh Vandana by Dia Gupta, Jiah Bajaj, Punyakriti and Venika Ajith. Aleeza Khan and Deevit Singh shared the thought of the day. A soulful Sholka was recited by Srishti Pathak. Thereafter, News bulletins were delivered by Advay Sriraman, Priyansh Gupta, Shiven Kanodia and Sreysth Sharma.

The next presentation was the recitation of beautiful self-composed poems by Aryaa Dubey, Ashira Singhal and Saisha Mahesh. Soon the choir comprising of Aryaa Dubey, Aryamaan Goswamy, Jia Gupta, Meera Bhatia, Navyasha Sinha, Pia Naik, Ria Upadhyay, Saisha Mahesh, Srishti Pathak accompanied by Parth Sarthy Goyal on the keyboard and Ira Bhattacharya on the guitar took over and the air was filled with joy, music and melody. Next were speeches by Aarush Semwal, Divyam Kapoor, Ria Upadhyay, Rubani Kaur, S Shrikriti and Sreshth Singh. The concluding act was a group contemporary dance performance by Ananditaa Rath, Ashira Singhal, Ayanna Goel, Jaanya Bawa, Navya Datta, Navya Jain, Sahana Bhatia and Yashvi Gupta.

The comperes of the programme were Aarush Aggarwal, Arush Gupta, Ayaan Jamal, Misha Kalra, Ritika Tiwari, Rohan Goyal, S Shrikriti, Siddhant Singhal and Yashvardhan Gupta.

The folders, cards and board for the assembly were made by Ashira Singal, Jia Gupta, Misha Kalra, Ria Upadhyay, Punyakriti Rubani Kaur, Srishti Pathak, Vedant Bhatia and Yashvi Gupta. The power point presentation was made by Aarush Aggarwal and Chaitanya Jangra.

28th JULY 2022, Thursday
Class Teachers: Ms Dimple Menon and Ms Manu Gupta
Class  X-N & X-J 
Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative- Ms Taruna Didi
Activity Incharge- Ms Kaveri Dhar