Assembly XII-G (02-08-2022)

Topic:   Who packs your parachute?

In the spirit of appreciation and thankfulness for the good we receive in life, the students of Class XII-G long to remind people to recognize the people who ‘pack their parachutes’.The presentation began with a warm welcome by Krish Goswami, and Navya Abrol followed by a morning prayer sung by Ahana, Akansha, Samannita, Aaditya Shankar, and Jatin, Kriish Nayyer, Lakshay, Praveen, Prithvi, Saksham, Shreyansh Singh and Yash. Akansha recited a Sanskrit shloka’s rendition along with its translation. Furthermore, the topic’s essence was explained by Abhav, Ishaan, Manan, Shivansh and Siddhant with the help of their speeches.

The thought for the day by Archit and Aarav to ornate the theme. Akansha along with Amritansh recited a self-composed poem. A skit was presented by Shivangi, Aarav, Aditya Banka, Amritansh, Anjali, Ayushman, Ishaan, Manan, Shivangi, Vidhi and Vinayak. The song- “Circles” was sung by Samannita, Ahana, Aaditya Shankar, Aarav, Kriish Nayyer,

Praveen, Prithvi, Saksham, Yash with Shreyansh Dash, Aditya Banka and Divyam on the guitar. Amidst this, the festival of Hariyali Teej was talked about by Abhav, Ishaan, Manan, Khushi and Siddhant. Besides, a patriotic song was sung by Samannita, Ahana and Akansha to honour the freedom fighters.

The PowerPoint presentation was made by Ritvik. The e-card, boards, folders and invitation cards were created by Ritvik, Samannita, Khushi Joshi, Abhav, Krish and Aarav

2 August, 2022 – Tuesday
Class Teacher : Ms Sarika Kaushal
Class XII  G
VICE-PRINCIPAL- Mr Naresh Miglani
Class Representative- Ms Vibha Arora
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona