Assembly XII-P (27-07-2022)

“Topic: All Hands on Deck

The assembly’s theme was about how when we work as a unit and a team, we achieve so much more compared to when we are divided, chaos ensues and other agents of mischief follow our weakness. It highlighted how the contribution of each team member is required to excel compared to how when workers and sailors work together, they can beat the metaphorical pirates of our lives. Apparently, the assembly had all hands on deck in the form of participation by all 40 students. The assembly started with the morning prayer-Kun Faya sung by Averal, Akarsh, Ria, Srishti, Ayushi, Manyata, Aneesha, Tanisha, Samaya, Linu, Janvi followed by the narrators- Ayush, Manvender, Shyla, and Yana which segwayed into the skit ‘All Hands-on Deck’. The skit was an amalgamation of acting, music, and poetry which took place in the setting of a ship. Jai, Asmi, Srishti, Ria, Manish, Yuvraaj, Abhishek, Avani, Rahnveer, Kumar Shaurya, Soumya, Krish, Adhya, Omraaj and Bhavishya played different roles in the skit.  The props team consisted of Anushka, Sanjoli, Kritika, Gauri and Smaran. Ashutosh and Madhav rendered the tech support.

27th July, 2022 – Wednesday
Class Teacher : Ms Shruti Vijan
Class XII  P
Class Representative- Ms. Richa Aggarwal
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona