Assembly X-L (03-08-2021)

Topic International Youth Day

International youth day is celebrated on 12 August every year .It is being celebrated for mainstream young people’s voices ,actions and initiatives.This recognizes the importance of youth participation in political ,economic and social life and processes. 

The class presentation started with morning prayer in hindi by Ananyadeep Singh .Followed by the thought for the day by Aditya in English .Then we had the poem by Diya in English and shloka by Jasnoor in sanskrit with meaning in hindi and english. Then we had Gurmani sharing her thoughts in the form of speech . The comparers were Krishiv ,RakshaanThareja Jjasnoor and Swarnika . The invites were prepared by Swarnika and Jasnoor.

03 August 2021, Tuesday
Class Teacher – Mr Aditya Gupta
Class – X L
Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative- Ms Priya Obherai
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar