Assembly XII-C (04-08-2021)


“Festivals are like a map charting our spiritual progress in God.” ~ Anonymous

As rightly said in the aforementioned quotation, festivals are a time of joy and a chance to show our gratitude and devotion to God. During such harrowing times, festivals play a vital role in rejuvenating people’s minds and providing them much-needed happiness. Recognizing the value of festivals and their importance in a diverse country like ours, the students of XII C sought to spread this message to the whole school by doing their class presentation on one of the many festivals of India – “Bonalu: the festival of gratitude”.

The class presentation began with a thought-provoking Sanskrit shloka on gratitude recited and elucidated by Ayush Kumar Verma. Following this, the assembly compere Sankalp Agrawal called upon Shanchari Sen who recited a melodious rendition of “Vaishnava Janto” as the morning prayer. An introductory speech about Bonalu, a traditional Telangana Hindu festival was given by Diksha Gupta, after which a self-composed poem with both Hindi and English verses was recited by Mannat Sharma and Vaibhav Shukla. Putting the main theme of the festival i.e. “gratitude” to the limelight, Srishti Agarwal shared the thought for the day. Thereafter, the compere called upon the class choir, comprising of Tanishq Agarwal, Shanchari Sen, and Sankalp Agrawal who presented a soulful Hindi-Telugu fusion of the song “Vandhanam”. The presentation concluded with a vote of thanks by Naman Sagtani and Harshita Goyal. The e-vite was prepared by Saumya Sinha and the class presentation wouldn’t have been possible without the technical assistance of Srishti Agarwal and Harshita Goyal.

04 August 2021, Wednesday
Class- XII C
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms Vibha Arora
Activity Incharge- Ms Binu Channan