An interactive session on photography was conducted on 5th June 2021 for the Digex Members with a very renowned street photographer Mr.Vineet Vohra.  Mr. Vineet Vohra is the co-founder of APF magazine. He is the first Indian ever to become a Leica ambassador. Just after he completed his graduation from the prestigious college of Arts, Mr Vineet started his career as a wildlife photographer but later on switched to street photography. He has over 20 years of experience.

In the interactive session, the members were taught numerous ways to look at photography as a skill. They also learnt what goes behind the making of a good photograph such as the thought process and vision rather than the usual camera settings or techniques. Valuable tips on how to use photography as a tool of self expression, the importance of having a unique perspective and how to be ready to unlearn were few things which were told and discussed. Mr Vineet  used his years of experience to help members realise there is more to photography than just a photograph that looks good, it’s about portraying a story. The picture one clicks should have a past and a future and that should be clearly visible to the person observing the photograph.

The session was made very interactive and a lot of questions were addressed. The workshop concluded with the vote of thanks by the Digex Club Incharge Ms Sarika Kaushal. It was a wonderful session which led to the ignition of a new understanding in the budding photographers.