Aptitude Test-Class X

Aptitude is an inborn potential to do certain kinds of work, acquire certain kinds of skills or subjects of study. Aptitude Tests are used to assess whether an individual has the level of competency necessary for success in a particular field. A standardized test objectively measures what a person is able to do at the time he is being assessed and under the conditions of assessment. These tests typically measure abilities like Numerical Ability, Clerical Ability, Mechanical Reasoning, Closure Ability, Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability, Spatial Ability and Psycho-motor Ability. 

Aptitude assessment helps students in making an informed choice of subjects and in providing career guidanceOn May 8, 2021, the school conducted an Aptitude Test with Class X students.  542 students appeared in the test. The individual results of the students have been sent to the parents. These results will help students in making an informed choice of subjects, in providing career guidance and improving their academic performance.The results are indicators of the student’s present abilities and should be considered only for the purpose of guidance.