The YP Club of DPS, R. K. Puram conducted an activity session on 7th May2021. The session which lasted for about 30mins saw the participation of 16 students and was conducted by Ms. Swati Verma who gave a brief introduction to the Club and motivated the participants to speak confidently. They were given various topics and the students had to debate by choosing their stance on any one topic of their choice. The wide ranging topics were:

1. How has India shaped World politics and History ?

2. Has the 4th Pillar Of Democracy – Media failed?

3. The Judiciary still presents a beacon of hope for India.

4. What can India learn from World leaders? 

5. Absence of discrimination in cities and among educated elite is a myth.

6. Can Human Rights ever be excessive ? Do Human Rights Activists sometimes make “noise”.

7. India : The Host which was…Which is and will be

8. Hindustan, Bharat or India?