Guest Speaker Programme for Class XII by Accountancy Deptt.

9 powerful skills to kick start your dream success in Commerce Stream

The Accountancy Department of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram organised a virtual webinar on the topic ‘9 powerful skills to kick start your dream success in commerce stream’.

The webinar was organised on May 07, 2021 for the students of Class XII. The guest speaker for the day was Dr. Vijay Vikas. Dr. Vikas has conducted workshops for students and teachers, in his subject, particularly on topics such as:Unleash your true Potential, Smart work along with hard work, Importance of will over skill ,Higher Order Thinking Skills and on suggestions for excelling in the CBSE Accountancy papers and maximizing one’s potential in the Board Examinations.

Dr Vikas has also shared his wide knowledge and expertise with the CBSE in the development of Accountancy projects for Class XII. He has also worked with CIET, NCERT for promoting our Hon’ble Prime minister Shri Narender Modi Ji’s grand vision of “Entrepreneurial India”.

The Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan and the Headmistress Mrs. Rashmi Malhotra also graced the occasion. While addressing the audience, the Principal spoke about the essential skills like patience, hard work and dedication required to crack the board exams and then invited Dr. Vikas Vijay to enlighten the students with his words. 

The webinar was conducted as an interactive session by Praanjal Arora (XII-S) and Anhad Sood (XII-S). During the session, the speaker interacted with the students by posing questions which were answered in the chat box. He elaborated on the mindset students must have during the preparation period and also guided students on how to stay motivated during these tough times and make the best use of the 300 days they have before the board exams. This was followed by a short Q&A session conducted by Praanjal and Anhad where the speaker patiently answered a wide range of questions providing a great deal of insight into the topic punctuated with practical advice for students, parents and teachers.

The webinar concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Reena Mehta, HOD Accountancy.