Visit to Traffic Training Park, Punjabi Bagh

Students of Class VIII, Sections D and G went for a visit to the Traffic Training Park at Punjabi Bagh, on 15 January 2019. The students were made aware of the types of traffic signage.  They were requested to be empathetic towards road accident cases and were counseled to tell their parents to follow traffic rules and avoid road rage. The students were sensitized to the value of human lives, the reasons for road fatalities and how they should be avoided. They were advised to act as brand ambassadors of Traffic rules and regulations.

A demonstration of the correct method to apply brakes while riding a two wheeler, the necessity of wearing the correct type of helmet to safeguard oneself, was also given. There was an interactive session , with the students, wherein they were quizzed on their awareness of traffic rules and regulations. Chocolates were awarded to the ones who answered correctly. Refreshments were also provided to the students.

The entire programme was conducted under the aegis of Hero MotoCorp and Delhi Traffic Police. The programme was informative and the students found it helpful and interesting.

Other sections of Class VIII would also be visiting the Centre in the coming week.