Visit cum Workshop at National Crafts Museum

The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and had an enriching experience of various Art forms demonstrated by the Local Artisans from Kutch (Pottery),Jodhpur (Block Printing), Madhubani (Bihar) and Miniature painting (Bikaner).

The students were enthralled and motivated with the presence of Principal Ma’am,Ms Padma Srinivasan on the first day of the workshop.

A curatorial walk of the museum was also organized wherein the students gained knowledge about the rare and distinctive collectibles and artifacts  reflecting the continuing tradition of Indian craftsmen through painting, embroidery, textiles, various crafts of clay, stone,wood, ornaments, utensils and puppets.

Ms Nidhi,Deputy Director,National Crafts Museum extended her whole hearted contribution in conducting the above activities.

The school Art teachers Mr Amit Rajput,Ms Jatinder Kaur and Mr Shiven Singh Tanwar accompanied the students for the workshop.