Assembly XI-J (08-12-2021)


 Warwick Davis once said, “” The World worries about Disability more than Disabled people do.”” People with disabilities don’t hope for the world to treat them with sympathy, considering them to be special or different from others, but the only thing they wish is for the world to treat them as normal people. And we the students of XI J on this auspicious International Day of Disabled Persons would like to present a small token of respect and reverence for the people with disabilities in the form of this class presentation. The class presentation began with the Gayatri Mantra by Tisya Gupta. Shloka was presented  by  Shambhavi Tripathi in her melodious voice, followed by Aryya Lohiya with her greetings. Moving on, an inspiring Thought for  the day was given by Ervan Panghal. It was then followed by a thought provoking poem by Ananya Tomar. Akul Ranjan, Kushagra Gupta and Shreyas Modi then paid a  conversational tribute to the people who have emerged winners despite their physical disabilities. Thereafter, an empowering song “”Speechless”” was performed by Tisya Gupta.Concluding the Presentation, Prarthana madan and Manan Khanna delivered the vote of thanks. The appealing E-invites were designed by Kejal Garg and Prarthana Madan.The script writing was done by Manan Khanna and Prarthana Madan. The Audio compilation was done by Anumeya Sehgal and Kavin Desi Valli and the powerpoint presentation was made by Raghav Chaudhary. And lastly, the description was written by Laishram Rehan Singh.

8th December 2021, Wednesday

Class Teacher – Ms. Suruchi Bharadwaj 

Class- XI J

Vice Principal : Mr. Anil Kathuria

Class Representative- Ms. Ritu Kumar 

Activity Incharge – Ms. Kaveri Dhar