The G. Bhaskar memorial lecture and award ceremony 2018

The G. Bhaskar Memorial lecture and award ceremony was organised on 21 December 2018 at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, in commemoration of G. Bhaskar, a very promising student, who joined the institution in class eight. Lost in the crowd initially, Bhaskar slowly and steadily made a place in the hearts of his friends and teachers. He was an extremely talented and hardworking student. He not only excelled in academics, but was also exceptional at badminton and table tennis. He received formal training in Classical Carnatic music and was able to recite several chapters of the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita. Unfortunately, his success ended with his early demise.

The G. Bhaskar Memorial Award was instituted in his beloved memory by his parents in 1999. This award is given to exceptional students, who along with excelling in academics and co-curriculars, display a strong moral fibre.

The Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal, the Vice Principal, Dr. Renu Nayar, the Supervisor, Mr Mukesh Kumar, G. Bhaskar’s mother, Mrs Ganapati Raman and his brother, Mr Ramnath G. along with other family members were present during the ceremony. Ms. Shalini Harisukh coordinated the event.

The ceremony began with a moment of silence in G. Bhaskar’s memory.

Mr Ajay Chaturvedi , who has been honoured by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, an Engineer from BITS Pilani, a Graduate in Management of Technology from the School of Engineering and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a Diploma holder in Global Leadership & Public Policy from The Harvard Kennedy School of Government , gave the audience a detailed speech expressing his viewpoints on Dharma which is a yogic concept that refers to the idea of a law, or principle, governing the universe. He laid emphasis on the fact that Dharma is often misunderstood as a school of Hindu religion. Dharma according to him is a way simple way of life where one understands the meaning of life. He highlighted how the epic Ramayana, often perceived as a simple story has a deeper meaning many often fail to understand.

The award was presented to five meritorious students -Shriya Bedi, Gayatri Vemuri, Saranya Rajpal, Ameya Priya and Rashmi Kumari of Class 12.  Ms. Vanita Sehgal,  Dr. Renu Nayar , Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Mr. Ramnath G, and Mrs. Ganapati Raman presented the awards.

The Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal, in her closing address mentioned that this year’s awardees had  been selected, not only on the basis of their academic performance and co-curricular merit, but also for being all-round good human beings. She emphasised the fact that every awardee this year had gone much out of their way for other people and had proven themselves beyond any doubt to be worthy of the accolade. She continued on to say that G. Bhaskar stays alive because of the love of his family. She concluded her speech with a quote dedicated to G. Bhaskar’s memory, “You never go far. Where there is love, you’re always there.”

Prof. Ramnath began his address by saying ,that the things all of us have been taught since birth, are  the basic competencies to survive and to make a living and that, while that was important, in the process of making a living, some of us miss out on living life. He said that one of the key things necessary to live life well is to have a wide variety of interests across a wide range of fields and that focus, while important, should not narrow the outlook. He expressed a hope that the talks given over the course of the event had served to inspire some young minds. Finally, he stressed the importance of the Delhi Public School motto, “Service Before Self”, and how crucial it is to follow that ideal. He concluded by thanking the DPS family for organising this event in G. Bhaskar’s memory. He wished the students all the best for living a beautiful life.

Mr. Ramnath G concluded the event by sharing the memories of Bhaskar. The Bhaskar family members gave a token of their blessing, distributing sweets to the students.

The event concluded with the National Anthem.