TEACHERS’ TRAINING SESSION – Respiratory and Abdominal Pain in Children

A Session on ‘Respiratory and Abdominal Pain in Children’ was conducted by Dr. Shilpa Sharma and Dr. Ramesh Pariyarath Menon on 12 September2023 and 15 September2023. “It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi. The speaker Dr. Shilpa Sharma highlighted the various causes of abdominal pain in children. She suggested that the teachers must recognise the part of the abdomen in children that is paining so that they can address concerns and thereafter, appropriate aid that can be provided. She enlightened us with various ways in which one can provide medical therapy to the students.

Dr. Ramesh P. Menon elucidated the various respiratory problems that the adolescents deal with. The teachers were made aware of the common causes of respiratory problems and ways to deal with them in school. In the end, Dr. Shilpa Sharma explained the impact of stress and lifestyle on physical health by highlighting the issues like panic attacks, depression, obesity, various neurological diseases associated with stress, mood swings, social withdrawal etc.