The photography and filmmaking society of DPS R.K.Puram took part in a workshop on 24th April 2021 which targeted at tackling the intricacies regarding photography. The workshop was headed by Mr. Virendra Adhikari who is a renowned commercial photographer from Canon. He has taken part in and directed the club in the Annual Digex Photography Festival’17. The members were told about  camera techniques, the various positions and purpose of lighting and how to use the imagination to capture the perfect picture. The members were also given an in-depth explanation  about various camera lenses and their uses along with tips and tricks regarding the editing and enhancement of the pictures clicked. Mr. Virendra Adhikari emphasized on the various fields of photography including Commercial photography, product photography, street photography and much more! It was an interactive session that ended with the doubts and queries being cleared. The club incharge Ms Sarika Kaushal thanked Mr Adihari for sparing time and guiding the budding photographers of the club.