Hostel Farewell Report

“Messy rooms, midnight chats, knock of the warden, kettle noodles.

These things will never happen again, but will stay on as memories forever……”

  • Malik Muzaffar

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram hosted a virtual farewell ceremony for the hostellers of the Class XII batch of 2020-21 on 20 April. The Girls’ and Boys’ Hostels organised the event in unison, to bid a lively and joyful farewell to their seniors. 

The ceremony commenced with an address by the Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan, who has always generously imparted her wisdom to her pupils and guided them towards the right path. She expressed her regret at not getting to meet her students face-to-face due to the various challenges posed by the past academic session. She also acknowledged the feeling of isolation and loneliness that must have been felt by the Class XII students by not being able to see their friends and classmates in their final year of school. The Principal commended the seniors for smoothly taking on responsibilities and setting a remarkable example for their juniors despite the situation around them. She urged them to look upon this event as a celebration of their years at their Alma Mater and gave them helpful advice on how to juggle between the expectation of their family and society with their own aspirations. She concluded by wishing them happiness and success in all future endeavours and inspired them to leave an indelible mark on society and make the school proud.

A student of Class XII sang a beautiful solo song highlighting the years of camaraderie shared by the hostellers. The Vice-Principal, Dr. Renu Nayar, expressed her pride in the students for adapting seamlessly and performing excellently on the online platform. She congratulated them on completing the most crucial formative phase of their life and expressed her desire to see them distinguish themselves across various careers and fields. 

The Hindi Choir presented a rich and melodious performance accompanied by nostalgic images of the merry times experienced by the seniors at school and the hostel. The students of the Indian and Western Dance Societies put forth a graceful performance on a fusion song. A humorous skit was prepared and presented by students of Class XI via Zoom. Various playful, as well as serious accolades and awards, were given out to the hostel seniors by the comperes.    

The Hostel Wardens bid their beloved students a warm goodbye and wished them the best of luck for their future in a series of recorded messages. They expressed their joy at having spent a wonderful time with all the hostellers and how they will always hold a special place in their hearts. 

Finally, the Hostel Head Girls and Head Boys re-lived their bittersweet memories at the hostel and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to this great institution for being instrumental in shaping their personalities and providing them with stellar opportunities. 

The ceremony concluded with a message by the Class XIth students, who articulated their sorrow at seeing their seniors leave, and hoped that their paths would cross again in the near future. The glorious example set by them as student leaders would continue to live on in the hearts of their juniors.