“Summer Musings” Class VIII & IX Day 1(16th May, 2023)

Teacher InchargeActivity Report
PE DepartmentThe students were made to do warming-up exercises and taught the nuances of playing various sports such as basketball, football, cricket, squash, chess, aerobics, athletics, yoga, etc. 
Western Vocal The Western Vocal workshop – LET IT SHINE is a workshop where students are taught to identify their passion, and skill and teach them ways to enhance it. In the workshop, a total of 67 students signed up for it out of which 29 were from Class 8 and 38 were from Class 9. Today in the workshop 48 of them were present and 19 were absent. 
The rules were set for the workshop with 2 golden rules as – PARTICIPATE AND HAVE FUN. The workshop began with a short introduction and an easy singing/vocal exercise to unite everyone. Today they learned a medley of 5 very apt songs and it was evident from their singing that everyone was having a great time. 
Discipline was well maintained. All their queries were addressed. Everyone is looking forward to the next session on Thursday. 
Indian VocalMotivation Song 
Song Lyrics – Tu khud ki Khoj me nikal 
The children of classes VIIIth and IXth came together for a music activity held on Tuesday, 16th May 2023from 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM in the school.
Western Instrumental
Altogether there were a total of 65 participants who came with enthusiasm. The session started off with PPT on some basic instrumentation and its role. Those students who came with their own instruments were called on stage and given their respective roles as part of a band. The other students had to take turns sharing instruments and playing.         The session was also a platform for enhancing the art and skills of a performer. As excited as they were, we could learn one complete song to play their respective instruments as well as to sing and perform as an artist. It was a meaningful and productive session as I could tell by their reactions and expression at the end. We are grateful to the Principal and the school for such a platform. 
Indian InstrumentalHappy to tell you that students are very interested in learning Indian instrumental. Almost 30 students took part in this workshop. We taught them a new orchestra composition which is based on teen taal. We used different instruments in this composition.I am sure that this workshop will be fruitful for kids. 
Folk DanceActivity Done – Gujarati Hudo Dance ( Introductory paragraph)
The students learnt the basic traditional steps of this dance form which was held on Tuesday, 16th May 2023 from 9:30 am to 11:25 am in the school.
The children were very enthusiastic while learning the dance form and showed a lot of eagerness to learn.A brief introduction to Gujarat’s dance form and culture was also given to the students. (Hudo is one of the well-known folk dances of Gujarat. It is the folk dance form of the Bharwad Tribe, the shepherd community of Gujarat. The idea of the dance originated from sheep fights. The movements of two sheep ramming their heads are duplicated in this dance form. The dancers clap their hands in a forceful and rhythmic manner. Both men and women participate in Hudo Dance. There is also a tradition of selecting their life partners at the end of the dance. In this dance both the men and women of the village participate.)
Indian Classical DanceToday the students learn the basic steps of Bharatnatyam and Kathak.
English TheatreThe session began with the teacher facilitator introducing herself. This was followed by the students introducing themselves theatrically where they mentioned their reasons for choosing the activity. Students were briefly introduced to the beginnings of various theatres – Greek, English and Indian. They were acquainted with the various aspects of theatre – writing, performance, intonation, expressions etc. For homework, they were asked to prepare an advertisement as an individual activity and bring a short script of their favourite scene from a play that they read recently and liked.

The students were divided into groups and asked to prepare a skirt/short play on the following themes:Class IX: Influence of advertisements on teenagers. Class VIII: Mystery and SuspenseThe students were asked to integrate music in their play. The students performed the tasks assigned very well
As a part of the Summer Musings – Summer Camp (2023-2024), English Theatre was conducted for the students of classes 8I-K and 9J-N from 11:25 AM – 1:40 PM. The students were introduced to the concept of theater after which some warm-up and ice-breaking activities were conducted. Thereafter, different elements of the theatre were introduced and the activity titled ‘Play it with Props’ was organized in the class. The students chose different props from their surroundings and enacted scenes incorporating the props by imagining them as something else. The enactments presented by the students were quite creative and engaging and enabled the students to enhance their imagination and visualization skills.
Hindi TheatreToday was the first class of Hindi theatre in  the summer musing. The class started with an introduction about students who like and dislike theatre. Followed by an audition of voice modulation and body language along with their expressions. Then there were 3 nukkad natak prepared by Mr Manish, Ms P china and Ms Kavita Kumari enacted by the students. After this, there was a faq round in which the students who disliked it at first told about their experience and even changed  their perspectives about Hindi theatre. Not every student as well as every teacher is looking forward to more fun and enthusiastic activities
Art and CraftActivity Done – News Paper Murals Made With Rolled Newspaper
Materials Used – Newspaper, Glue, Colors, Brushes
The children of classes VIII th and IXth came together for a creative activity held on Tuesday, 16th May 2023from 11:25 to 1:40 PM in the school.
The children carried out the activity joyfully and made some really beautiful designs.