Summer Musings Class VI & VII Day 1- 17th May, 2023

PE DepartmentA Summer Camp was organized at DPS R.K.PURAM on 17 May 2023 in the Football Field and the Sports Complex area.  It involved many students who played multiple games and had a fruitful time.
Western Vocal The Western Vocal Workshop- LET IT SHINE was a workshop where students were taught to identify their passions and skills and ways to enhance the same.
The two golden rules were set for the workshop- PARTICIPATE AND HAVE FUN. The workshop began with a short introduction followed by an easy singing/vocal exercise to bring everyone together. They learned a medley of five very apt songs and it was evident from their singing that everyone had a great time. 
Indian VocalPatriotic Song VI-VII
The goal of this session was to help students perform on the stage and discover their level of skill set in music.  The session started with seven ‘Sudha Swar’ practices. Four ‘Komal Swar’ and a ‘Tibra Swar’ were introduced.  It was a mashup of a patriotic song. The time cycle of this song was eight beats. The students had a great time learning the musical practices.
Western InstrumentalWestern Instrumental – Breakout (VI- VII)
The goal of this session was to help students perform on a stage as they also discovered their level of skills in music instruments. Those students who came with their own instruments  were called onto the  stage and given them their respective roles as part of a band. The other students had to take turns to share instruments and play.         The session was also a platform for enhancing the art and skills of a performer.  As excited as they were, we could learn one complete song to play their respective instruments as well as to sing (using voice as an instrument ) and perform as an artist. It was a meaningful and productive session as their reactions and expressions exhibited their excitement levels.
It was an amazing day for students. It started with basic rhythmic knowledge. A new orchestra composition was introduced to the students which incorporated eight beats with few synchronized notes. The learning went well.
Folk DanceFolk DanceClasses VI – VII
Activity DoneNati Dance
The students learnt the basic traditional steps of the dance form. The children were very enthusiastic while learning the dance form and showed a lot of eagerness to learn.
Folk Nati Dance form HimachalEver heard of Nati? This is the famous folk dance of the upper Himachal area.Nati is the term used for both songs and dance. According to local people, Nati generally involves stories which are narrated through songs. People dance in groups to the tunes of the various local instruments and dialects. It is a group dance by both male and female dancers  and Dhol, Nagara, Shehnai, Karnal and Narsinghe are the popular music instruments used in this dance form.
Indian Classical DanceIndian Classical Dance
The students were taught the basic steps of popular classical dance forms of Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Odissi. Most of the  participants were very new to the classical dance forms however there was a lot of excitement and willingness to learn.
English Theatre”Theatre has the role in the education of helping children become like themselves instead of everyone else.” The workshop aimed at offering the child an engaging, fun and immersive theatre experience. It aimed at helping them become more confident on stage and as individual personalities. It was designed to encourage the use of imagination and maximize creative potential through the medium of drama, mime, etc. The workshop required no prior experience in performance/theatre. Children were able to engage in dialogue, communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal cues, participate in debate and discussion, and develop superior soft skill abilities in a play-way method.Through this workshop, the participants became well-versed in the various components of theater:- Stage dynamics- Role Play or Acting Skill- Understanding of mind-body-voice- Posture training – Facial expressions/gesturesWith many reflective and performative exercises, the participants moved towards enhancing their theatrical skills by the end of this workshop.
Hindi TheatreThe session started with an introduction about theater. It was followed by the audition of voice modulation and their  body language along with their expressions. Three ‘nukkad nataks’ were prepared by the teacher and were enacted upon by the students. After this, there was an FAQ round in which the students who disliked it at first told about their experiences and even many of their perspectives about Hindi Theater changed. The students presented their creativity through the nukkad natak presentations. 
Considering the importance and beauty of Mural Art, the students were first briefed about the artform. They were then given square sheets cut out of newspapers and were taught to make paper murals by rolling them into thin cylindrical forms. With brimming enthusiasm, the students participated in the activity and made beautiful paper murals by painting them.