Day 3

WESTERN VOCAL: Mr Sothingam Shaiza conducted the western vocal workshop on 31May 2023. The workshop began by singing some vocal warm ups and through a quick recap of the songs and the topics covered the previous days. The students were then introduced to a couple of new songs. The students also shared their experiences of the workshop. Each one of them shared positive feedback and  look forward to more workshops like this in the future. The students then showcased their talent turn by turn by singing their favorite songs. Our school Principal Ms. Padma Srinivasan encouraged the students by visiting the venues . The students performed the song they had learned the previous day. Towards the end, doubts were clarified and the workshop was wrapped up with words of encouragement.

Western Instrumental: BREAKOUT was                                 conducted by Leimi Kashung

There were 12 participants. We continued learning an instrumental piece and we could learn the complete piece. The students expressed their enthusiasm and wished the sessions were longer. Towards the end, there was a team talk and reflection of what they had learnt in the workshop. Many of them explained that they had learnt the importance of coordination, patience, tolerance and performance. On being asked to rate the whole workshop experience, most of them rated it as a 10/10 and expressed their contentment. The session came to an end with an expression of gratitude to our Principal, teachers on duty, coordinators and also the students who showed up with enthusiasm. 

Indian Instruments was conducted by Mr. Salim Kumar and Mr. Kuldeep Mishra .The students were taught the hope song ‘Ashayen’. They were also taught how to play the clap box with the song. The students present showcased their performance in front of the principal as well, and were encouraged for  the same. 

Indian Vocal workshop was conducted by Mr. Suman Kalyan Sangiri . First half an hour they practiced different alankars with Sudh swar, Komal swar, and Tibra swar. Students then prepared a motivational song using various Taan, Alap and Harmony with instrumental music. 

Workshop on Folk Dance was conducted by Mr. Ashok Singh Miral Mayurbhanj Chhau 

The first half an hour the students did some warm up exercises. Then the students were individually asked to show the various dance steps that they had learned on day 1 and day 2. Mr. Ashok Singh Miral clarified all the queries that the students had. The children were told their positioning and the entire choreographed piece was rehearsed. The dance was shown to Principal maam and she appreciated the students for showing their enthusiasm for learning a new art form. Ma’am also motivated and encouraged the students to participate in more of such activities which would be organised by the school in future. The workshop successfully ended by taking feedback from the students .