Day 2

THE WESTERN VOCAL session was conducted by Mr  Sothingam Shaiza on 30 May 2023, The students recapitulated the topics they had learned on day 1, and their doubts were clarified. After that, Mr Sothingam Shaiza explained the various dynamics ( loudness and softness) of music. He demonstrated how it could be applied in singing and how much impact it can make on a song. The students were then encouraged to try singing a couple of vocal warm-ups and technical exercises with the various dynamics aligned to them. A medley of 5 different songs was taught and also applied the various dynamics they learned today. Few of the students showcased their talent towards the end. The workshop ended with a brief introduction of the topics to be discussed and the songs to be covered in the next workshop. Mr Sothingam also encouraged them to write a short note on how helpful/beneficial the workshop is for them and read it out in the next session.

 Western Instrumental: BREAKOUT! Was Conducted by Mr Leimi Kashung.There were 15 participants in today’s session. During the session, a few students were asked to choose their favourite songs to lead the whole band. At first, it seemed challenging due to differences of opinions, but they were then explained some of the basic rules and ethics of being part of a band/orchestra- stating the importance of musical communication and a reference point (such as rhythm pattern, tempo, chords progression, etc.) amongst the team members. It concluded having learnt a piece called Come September by Billy Vaughn. Even though a few students were complete beginners, they surely learnt some basic important components of musical instruments.                      

Folk Dance: Mr. Ashok Singh Miral Mayurbhanj Chhau was the teacher who conducted the workshop on Folk Dance In the workshop, first half an hour the students did some warm-up exercises. Then the students were individually asked to show the various dance steps that they had learned on Day 1. Mr Ashok Singh Miral himself danced with the students and taught them how to integrate dance movements with music. Further dance steps like palta, chatta etc were also taught. All the queries that the students had were clarified. The children were extremely enthusiastic and eager to have more such workshops in future. 

Indian Instruments: Mr Salim Kumar and Mr Kuldeep Mishra took the Indian instrumental session of the workshop. They learned Sargam on Harmonium and Sitar and also learned the ‘hope’ song based on life. They were also taught the basic information of the taal, and how to create beats on a clap box. Students are now able to play the clap-box with the song- Aashayein
Indian Vocal–  Mr. Suman Kalyan Sangiri was in charge of the Indian vocal session. Today 2 students were present for Indian Vocal. First half an hour they practiced different alankars with Sudh swar, Komal swar, and Tibra swar. Students then prepared a motivational song using various Taan and Alap.