Summer Activity – Chemistry Deptt.


A minute to think, a moment to seize, and a chance to convey…

The Catalyst Club of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram organised, ‘Just A Minute’ for the students of class XII on 4th May 2021. The topics for the activity included ‘Bohr’s Model Of Atom’, ‘Antibiotics’, ‘Chemical Bonding in Water’, ‘Hybridisation’ and ‘The Modern Periodic Table’

The aim of this event was to promote spontaneity and interest among the students in  scientific concepts and make them realise the importance of chemistry in daily life. 

The participants were assigned a topic and were given one minute to contemplate, put their ideas together and then speak upon the topic for another minute. Additionally, the students expanded their knowledge by discussing and listening to each other’s viewpoints .

The event was successfully organised by the President of the Catalyst Club, Rishit Gupta XII-M(Batch-2021) , Ashmi Shriya XII-N and Shambhavi Mittal XII-L, under the guidance of the Catalyst Club incharge Ms Alinda Holla. It was an immense learning experience for everyone. 


In Marcus Tullius Cicero words, ‘The aim of forensic oratory is to teach, to delight, to move.’ Taking a cue from this quote, the Catalyst Club of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram organised an interactive session on the topic ‘Forensic Fascinations’ for students of class XII on 18th May 2021, to get an insight into the intriguing world of Forensic Chemistry, and to see how the subject plays an important role in solving some of the most famous mysteries and crimes.

It began with a brief introduction about ‘Forensics’ and how the best-selling novels of Agatha Christie, such as ‘The Lemesurier Inheritance’ , ‘ Mysterious Affairs at Styles’, ‘Appointment with Death’s and ‘Dumb Witness’, extensively involve chemical analysis, to reach a conclusion for it has been rightly said, ‘Great plots are devilishly built and ingeniously solved under the wings of Chemistry!’   

The event focussed upon some forensic cases, involving the element ‘Thallium’. A  brief account of the element, was followed by a discussion on some of the most interesting and intriguing facts that are of extreme value in identification in criminal cases. 

The aim of this session was to learn, understand the power of chemistry and discover the different vistas that the field of Chemistry offers. The students were actively involved in the session and gave very positive responses. Everyone had a great learning experience. The event was also attended by Mr Parminder Chopra, who is in charge of the ‘Pre Pharmacy Club’.

The event was organised by the President of the Catalyst Club, Rishit Gupta XII-M(Batch-2021), Shambhavi Mittal XII-L, and R. Harini XII-A under the guidance of the Catalyst Club incharge Ms. Alinda Holla.