Report On Celebration Of Reading Week


In order to inculcate reading habits in students, class 9 and 10  had organised a ‘ Celebration of reading week.’  as announced by the CBSE.Students were asked to bring a book that they have read and highlight the synopsis, message conveyed and what they liked about the book. The students of all the sections enthusiastically participated in the activity. The homeroom and language periods were chosen for the book discussion activity. Students analysed the books and encouraged their peers to read them through their book reviews. Teachers played the role of facilitator in this activity. 

Students reviewed the books and presented critical analysis for the same. There were also class discussions conducted wherein students talked about the books that they have read,  highlighting characters and events that they particularly liked and students got the opportunity to share their valuable inputs. The style, ease of language and attitude of writers were also discussed. After the discussion the students were asked to write their views on the book read by them.

It was noticed that most children love to read books suggested by their peers. Language teachers played a very instrumental role in in conducting these activities. They shared a list of suggested readings to the children. It was an enlightening activity.

Some  books reviewed were:

The story of my life

To kill a mocking bird

Diary of a young girl(Anne Frank)

This was a man

The beast player

The sun is also a star