“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

– Jonathan Swift

An Eye Camp was organised in the school premises on Friday, 27 May 2022 to check the eyesight of the students belonging to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) of Classes VI-IX. Under the able guidance of the Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan, the camp was conducted by the organisation, ‘Young Foresight’ and facilitated by the Headmistress of Classes IX-X, Ms Rashmi Malhotra and the Supervisor of Classes VI-VIII, Ms Vinita Gupta. The objective of the camp was to check the eyesight of the students and provide perfect-fitting spectacles, which are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable, to those who were found to have weak eyesight. 

The camp started at 9:30 AM and lasted till 1:30 PM for all the students. The eyesights of 42 students from Class VI, 25 students from Class VII, 16 students from Class VIII and 59 students from Class IX were tested in the presence of an ophthalmologist and optometrist. The parents of the students of Classes VI-VIII were also present in the school while the tests were conducted. 

The eye tests were conducted in three stages and the students who were found to have weak eyesight were prescribed perfectly fitting spectacles with lenses as per their required powers. A database of all the students who had weak eyesight was also created using Google Sheets. Moreover, each student was counselled along with the parents regarding their eyesight and they were also advised about the importance of wearing spectacles on a regular basis to protect their precious eyes. 

On Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 58 students with weak eyesight were provided spectacles free of cost in the presence of Ms Padma Srinivasan, the Principal, Ms Vinita Gupta, the Supervisor and Ms Sangeeta Malik, Interim Headmistress – Junior Wing, Vasant Vihar. 

The event was a fruitful one as many students benefited from the eye check-up and the timely intervention of the school helped them to focus on their studies in a better manner. The event not only helped to prevent the further deterioration of the eyesight of the students but also provided a sense of relief to the parents.