BUDDING WRITER –  ‘Soaring High’ by Mahira Jain

Mahira Jain of class 9G has published her collection of short stories, ‘Soaring High’, which is based on the true stories of underprivileged children of domestic workers whom she and her mother have taught at home for over a decade.

Her grandparents were her inspiration to start writing and her grandfather is a DPS alumni & was awarded “Father of Rural India” by late Professor CK Prahalad. Mahira has always been sensitive towards the needs of others and this empathetic trait was evident even when she was a little child. She credits her love and concern for the underprivileged to her parents and grandparents and the DPS faculty.This is Mahira’s first attempt at creating awareness about the plight of the disadvantaged and the need for society to rectify this anomaly. The book has been supported by India Vision Foundation, Navjyoti India Foundation and Art of Living Foundation. Her book holds a space in various prestigious offices and school libraries across India.