‘Reflections’- E-Poster Making Competition

The Economics Club of DPS R.K Puram organised an E-Poster making competition, ‘Reflections’ , for the students of class XII on 11th May. As Covid-19 Pandemic has proved to be a challenging time for our nation, this competition aimed to give the students an opportunity to delve deeper into its impact and ‘reflect’ on their opinions regarding the same. The event was conducted by 5 students: S P Thanusree 12U, Nimisha Dhawan 12U, Shashank Sinha 12U, Neasha Mittal 12L and Shuchita Singh 12K along with their teacher-in-charge Ms Vijayalakshmi. 

The two topics for designing the digital poster were: Health: Rich-poor Divide and Development comes at a cost. All the posters were displayed in the main event and each participant was asked to talk about the message they wished to convey through their posters. The depth of understanding portrayed by the students was  remarkable. The event included a mini-interactive session wherein students were presented with interesting Economics facts. It was a great learning experience for everyone who participated and attended the event.

The winners of the competition are as follows 

Ist Position: Anhad Sood 12S 
|2nd Position: Manya Garg 12R 
3rd Position: Shagun Shrivastava 12N and Anushka Goyal 12S 
Consolation Prize: Pearl Dhingra 12N